What does it mean to be empowered? What does it mean to empower someone to change their lives in ways that the common person could never understand?

I watched a video tonight from my cousin’s nonprofit, Krochet Kids International, and it was truly inspiring. It is hard for any of us to understand the pain that some people go through in other parts of the world. Hell… it is even hard for us to understand the pain in our own backyard. I am convinced that this organization is changing the world.

I thought about the idea of empowerment when watching the video…. the thought of what empowerment truly means in the lives of people all around us. I thought about how the word empowerment is viewed in different societies and in all walks of life. How empowerment could mean that you have the ability to buy a bigger house or live a better life with more comforts… more amenities.

And then you sit back and realize that life is meant to empower people that have nothing… that have the ability to transform their own existence with something that many of us would view as… simple.

Empowerment is not meant to give you the ability to upgrade your vehicle or build a house on a lake. It is about witnessing the change in someone that has experience pain and hurt… things that we could never possibly imagine.

That… my friends… is true empowerment. It is in the simple things in life that give people the will and strength to carry on thought all transgressions. That is true and unashamed love for people that have nothing and are given something to live for.

It is hard for me to sit here and say that I have tried to change the world but maybe it is as simple as empowering the people who already do….. to do more.

I encourage you to watch the video and answer the question, “What is true empowerment?”