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Study after study confirms that, when it comes to employee engagement, one of the critical factors is development. Employees need to feel like they have opportunities to grow, to broaden their horizons, to deepen their skillsets.

To keep your employees engaged, offering these growth opportunities is absolutely essential—and here’s why.

When there’s no room for growth, employees feel stagnant.

There is a real historic record for this. In 2010, surveys found that employee perception of company-sponsored growth opportunities was at an all-time low, across the board. And that makes sense, given the high unemployment rate and the fact that many company training programs were being done away with. Opportunities for promotion, meanwhile, were dwindling.

As a result, employee engagement numbers also plummeted. Employees across the country felt like they didn’t really have any way to move onward and upward—and their passion for work dropped because of it.

Growth opportunities help everyone.

By contrast, recent years have seen more and more companies offering their employees chances to grow—educational opportunities as well as wider on-the-job experience. It’s not surprising that this motivates employees, especially younger ones, who value career development more than any other workplace benefits—including salary!

But growth opportunities aren’t only good for the employees. They’re also key for the company. They enhance the employer brand, by revealing that you really care about supporting your people in the long-term. When it comes to recruiting top talents, this is exceedingly beneficial.

You can make an investment in your team members.

Ultimately, growth opportunities—whether training or promotions, or simply more delegated responsibilities—show that you believe in the employee, and have confidence in their ability to thrive. Make your employees see that they are your most important assets.

Growth is a powerful way to accomplish all of that—and I’d love to show you how. Contact me today to learn more about my team training programs, and how they might boost your employee engagement!