A business leader’s journey is often lonely. When you’re building a company, you can sometimes only rely on yourself and your dreams.

Most leaders experience this, especially in their early days. It’s easy to spend every moment engrossed in the company, but you’re the only person keeping your vision alive — you need to be able to cut through the chaos and create a clear path to your goals.

Even after your business has developed and you’ve hired employees, it’s easy to feel isolated. You have the final say in all business decisions, and it’s often lonely at the top. It’s a power that comes with great responsibility. But there’s a fine line between a leader who’s easily influenced and one who won’t listen to sound advice — it’s important for leaders to value others’ opinions while maintaining their original concepts.

Here are four things to remember when you’re sitting at the head of your company:

1. Live and Breathe Your Vision

When Aaron Levie founded Box, he spent 2.5 years sleeping on a mattress in his office with only his vision to drive him.

“Starting up a new company requires an incredible level of commitment and determination over a very long period of time,” said Levie. “You pretty much have to clear your calendar for the next 10 years and be focused on just one thing — your business.”

In your pursuit of a successful business venture, pencil some alone time into your schedule. Ruminate on the goals that first inspired you to start your business, and use that as fuel to keep you going.

2. Craft an Inspiring Mission Statement

When you first become a leader, you’ll have to motivate from within. Draft a company mission statement detailing what you can accomplish to inspire you.

As your business grows beyond you, share your vision with the people you hire. Use your statement as a way to excite them about your brand possibilities. Cultivate an open culture that shows employees how you see your company serving its customers.

Clue your employees into your vision. When they see you’re open and you trust them, they’ll better understand why you’ve held fast to your dream, which will reduce resentment and help you achieve your dreams faster.

3. Surround Yourself With Trusted Advisers

When Baby K’tan co-founder Michal Chesal first developed her baby carrier, it was simply to carry her son in a developmentally appropriate manner. She didn’t start commercial production until six years later — after some convincing from her business partners!

You may not always follow your colleagues’ advice, but insights can make you a better leader. Surround yourself with smart, capable people whose advice you value.

4. Adjust Your Dream if It Better Serves Your End Game

You started your own business because you believed in your product’s ability to serve your customers. Keep that end goal in mind, and make adjustments only if they fit into that picture.

Leading a fledgling business only accompanied by your vision is an intimidating journey. But to build a successful empire out of your first seed of an idea, you need to have the wherewithal to carry on. So embrace the solitude, and see where it takes you.