I know, it’s that time of year when you evaluate the year just passing and resolve to change things beginning January 1 with a New Year’s resolution.  Maybe it’s to finally stop smoking; lose weight, get to the gym more often, read more books, spend less time on social media, take time to smell the roses or the coffee, etc.  Maybe it’s all of those and more.  It is so very tempting to turn the page on December 31st and welcome in the New Year with our very best commitment and determination to make changes.  So, what’s the catch?

I have never made a New Year’s resolution. That is not to say that I don’t make commitments to make changes at other times throughout the year.  I have always intuitively felt that jumping on the New Year’s bandwagon just wouldn’t work for me. The truth is, it doesn’t work for most people.  We have all experienced the gym packed to the gills in January and by April it seems you don’t have to wait for a machine any longer.  I am not patting myself on the back as I haven’t been to my gym in three months. That being said, I choose not to fool myself into thinking that just because it’s January 1st I will get back into a routine.  I will get back but I won’t make it a New Year’s resolution.

A New Year’s resolution puts so much pressure on ourselves and we do it because of the day of the year not necessarily because we are truly ready to make the changes. Also, we tend to think of our New Year’s resolution as a sacrifice and sacrifices don’t work very well with our subconscious.  When I had my hypnotherapy practice in Connecticut, I could see how taking on one challenge at  a time, making small incremental life changes and using positive suggestion and reinforcement could make a tremendous difference in a client achieving a personal goal.

What if you tried something radically different this year?  Forego the January 1 New Year’s resolution and choose one thing and begin to work on it when you feel you are truly ready.  Do not make dramatic changes with unrealistic goals.  Eat a little less sugar, cut back on cigarettes, read an hour or two a week, write that blog once per month and so on.  Reward yourself for the small changes and keep the vision of your goal in mind.

The small changes are not sacrifices, they are simply tweaks in your lifestyle that will make you feel better, healthier, more accomplished, more knowledgeable or whatever you are striving for.  Life is meant to be enjoyed, I am absolutely convinced of that.  Use positive suggestion and reinforcement to be in the space of your goal even as you are reaching for it.  Pick one thing at a time.  Many times people would come to hypnosis with a laundry list of things they wanted to change.  That gets confusing and doesn’t allow for the needed focus.

Could be worth a try so when we get to December 31st of next year, you will look back and pat yourself on the back.  Now my goal is to take my own advice.  Come to think of it, that would be an interesting goal for the New Year.

Wishing you all the very best for the New Year.  Every goal, every dream, every desire with joy.

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