geralt / Pixabay

When it comes to delegation, everyone focuses on the money.

This is perfectly natural, especially if you’re used to handling everything yourself and feel like your budget is already spread mighty thin. Hiring a team of skilled freelancers to lighten your workload is tempting, but all you can think is, “That’s cash out of my pocket! Technically, I can afford it … but paying contractors is gonna feel like hemorrhaging money from my bottom line!”

First off, flip that script, gorgeous. Running your business single-handedly is a waste of your precious time, and hiring a team to support you is the smartest thing you can do. I PROMISE.

Secondly, consider all of the ways delegation will benefit you that aren’t money-related! Can’t think of any off the top of your head? Allow me:

Delegation Perk #1: More time for you!

Listen up: Claiming free time, vacation time, and relaxation time is NOT selfish. It does not hurt your business, and it does not slow your growth.

In fact, if you constantly run yourself ragged working 80-hour weeks your creativity will run dry, your passion will evaporate, and you’ll burn yourself out. Without a team of freelancers, making time for yourself is incredibly challenging. Once you’ve decided to delegate, it becomes instantly easier to take breaks, take trips, and take the time you need with friends and family.

Can you put a price on those things? I sure can’t …

Delegation Perk #2: Focus on the work you love

If you’re currently handling every. single. aspect of your business alone, you’re undoubtedly doing gobs of work that ISN’T in your zone of genius. (Normal and natural: None of us is good at everything.)

With a stellar team of contractors on your side, you get to do more of what you love and less of what you don’t love. Which will make you happier and help your business thrive.

Delegation Perk #3: It becomes easier to scale

I’m betting you’d like to reach more clients, land more choice gigs, sell more products, and make more revenue. Am I right? Of course I am!

We all want to expand our endeavors and grow our companies! But when you’re flying solo, the day-to-day work often sucks up so much time that your plans for world domination take a back burner.

Bring in freelance support, and suddenly you’ve got room in your schedule to scale and build to your heart’s content. No more endless lists of things you want to do someday. Now you can get ALL your projects done.

Delegation Perk #4: Other perspectives

Yes, you built this business so you absolutely know what’s best for it. But! When it comes to processes, marketing tactics, social media strategy, and other essential maintenance tasks, you might benefit from some outside input.

Hiring contractors means bringing in people who’ve done work for other entrepreneurs and experimented with dozens of different workflow styles. These folks are often able to see easy ways to improve your strategies or processes that you’ve never thought of!

Delegation Perk #5: Support other entrepreneurs

Know who else is out there hustling to make their businesses successful? The freelancers you hire to be on your all-star team!

When you choose to outsource, you support other work-at-home entrepreneurs and hard-working contractors. Pretty fantastic way to spend your money, right?

Making smart financial decisions is essential to growth, but there are loads of intangibles that go into creating a sustainable business. So when you find yourself pushing against the idea of outsourcing, remember that it’s not just about money. Your happiness as an entrepreneur has value, too.