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Many companies know how important it is engaging their employees, but fail to do the work of making it happen. After all, to maximize your profits as your core focus, you must execute supremely your day-to-day operations to keep customers satisfied.

While this is a sound strategy, boosting your employee’s engagement has greater benefits. These include increased productivity, retention of top talent, and a boost in creativity and innovation. All of this results in a higher return on investment (ROI).

Do you think there’s a need to take your employee engagement to the next level? We’re here to help you do that through our simple strategies below.

  1. Practice two-way communication.

Effective communication is a common area where organizations fail at executing. If you want your employees to feel valued as team members you do not only have to give information, but you also must allow them to respond.

There has to be a dialogue where employees get to share their ideas and insights. Make sure to acknowledge and act on your workers’ feedback. When you do that they will feel more empowered and confident about their work.

  1. Conduct health and wellness activities.

Nobody can deny that being in a poor state of health affects one’s performance at the workplace. Health is a priceless investment because without it nobody will meet our goals.

Start putting more focus on health and wellness efforts that match your employees’ interests, personal goals, and lifestyles. Why not have an on-site yoga studio or weekly dance fitness classes? You can also feature more organic snacks in your cafeteria.

  1. Be thankful and appreciative.

Think about your current culture now. Do you have an office where people are appreciated for their efforts? You do not have to wait for Thanksgiving or another special occasion to show your workers that their contribution matters. Make appreciation a daily habit or routine.

Right after employees accomplish a task or project, simply say “Thank you” or “Great job!” Simple words can make a significant difference. Remember that positive feedback can go a long way. Appreciation fosters trust and boosts happiness.

  1. Offer more flexibility.

Millennials now dominate workplaces and are disrupting how employee engagement is done. More than anything else, the younger generation seeks personal fulfillment in a career. A typical 9-5 desk job may not appeal to them.

What today’s employees yearn for is flexibility. Flexibility allows workers to perform better. Allow your team to take short breaks to rest. Let them exercise creativity in any task or work from home a few days a week.

Hire managers who value engagement.

More often than not, employees leave their companies because of their bosses. If you have a manager who constantly throws a fit at your staff members or is inconsiderate of their needs don’t be surprised about high turnover. Don’t just hire a manager based on his/her professional skills. It’s important to explore his or her values along with beliefs on engaging your employees. Remember that the right manager will help staff members grow.

Final thoughts

These strategies will put your employee engagement efforts off to a good start. There are still a lot more techniques you can try which better suit your organization’s specific needs. Any engagement method that creates a better workforce and an overall positive change are worth a try.