Honestly speaking, more, than just enough have now been investigated, researched and reported about the possibly most effective management strategies in different business fields. Yet, can we ever suggest that there’s nothing more to explore in this aspect? Well, some of the latest discussions unveil the fresh perspective on the subject via introducing the newly-coined term – “leading the company”.

It’s been a while, that the commonly-used management techniques have been reconsidered, but the notion of “company leading” can become a real life-savior for CEOs facing the urgent need to lighten up the daily routine within their teams at least. It’s not that the presupposed tenets and principles are somewhat cutting-edge, but being applied in a complex, these turn out to boost motivation and, as a result, work effectiveness among your employees.

The idea of “leading” your company, rather than “reigning” it, has gotten a lot of admirers, e.g. according to Anton Ruin, CEO of Epom in Ukraine, the most essential thing is to remain flexible in the set of established internal policy, including dress-code, schedule and, certainly, financial bonuses, etc. Of course, it’d be too much to encourage or at least be lenient to wearing bathing suits in the office or their being constantly late, for example, but casual style might be a good idea for those employees, who aren’t responsible for meeting with clients, taking part in live presentations, etc.

What is also presupposed by the mentioned concept is the reduction of hierarchical pressure, that is, the members of your team are to feel valuable, appreciated and free in their decision-making, for instance, at least to a certain extent. Again, no one would vote for the total elimination of “boss-employee” relations at work, but if you’re ready to delegate partial decision-making to your staff members, they’d learn to take more professional responsibility by all means, not to mention the probable increase of their self-motivation.

In a whole, it’d, surely, be wrong to state, that “company leading” management will convert your business into the so-called gold mine in a blink of an eye, but it’s worth being taken into account, no matter if you’re just starting your company or happen to be a profoundly experienced company owner.