There are no easy sales or leadership jobs.

The work is tough. As much as we try to find shortcuts and the “Easy Button,” we have to do the stuff that produces the results we are accountable for.

We face challenges every day. Finding and engaging our customers. Developing and executing strategies that facilitate our customers’ buying journeys, culminating in shared success. Aligning internal resources to support our work with customers. Dealing with problems, both those that our customers have and within our own organizations.

Everyday, we see increased complexity, more disruption, information overwhelm, constant change. Our customers go through this, our own organizations go through this.

We are driven to improve performance and productivity. To do more with less.

And if we seek to excel, if we seek to do be the best we can be, we put even more pressure on ourselves. We stretch beyond the expectations of our managers. Quota is something we pass on the way to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.

Work has to be more than getting a paycheck. In fact, if we are just working for a paycheck, we are likely never to be satisfied.

Do work that inspires you!

Fill your time with something that challenges you everyday, that challenges you to learn, grow, contribute.

You may be inspired by helping customers achieve their goals and grow.

You may be inspired by the challenge of figuring out how to develop and execute winning deal strategies.

You may be inspired by working with your peers and customers solving very difficult problems.

You may be inspired by coaching and growing the capabilities of your people—developing them both for the short term and to achieve their full potential.

You may be inspired by being part of a team making a difference for your customers or your company.

Great work is, sometimes, tedious. It demands attention to detail. It is all the little pieces that connect together that cause great things to happen. It is the stuff we have to do to create those fantastic moments–a high impact meeting, a win, a breakthrough on a difficult project/problem. But it’s the thoughtful execution of the small things that lead to the big victories. If we can’t find inspiration in these details, success will evade us.

It’s hard to put in the time necessary for success if we are uninspired.

If you can’t find inspiration in what you do, you may be in the wrong job/role. Perhaps, you should find something that inspires you.

We can’t do great work, we can’t achieve high levels of success, unless we are doing something that inspires us.

Life’s too short not to work on what inspires you.