photo-1424896842869-a5bda51fca24I believe that you have an amazing story to live. I believe that you can live life on purpose and without regret. I believe the story you tell yourself can empower you to take massive action towards living a fulfilled life.

We are all storytellers. Professor Glyn Elwyn, of Cardiff University, explains that narratives are the way you make sense of the world.

So your story is a lens that influences the choices you make and determines the actions you will take. So the question I would like to ask you is – What is your story? Or more specifically, is your personal narrative empowering you or is it limiting your beliefs?

How Your Story Makes You Unremarkable

Tony Robbins, the self-help author, explains that as human being we are skilled at telling personal narratives that limit our beliefs.

And these disempowering stories wage a vicious assault on your life by sabotaging the amount of action you take. Which affects the results you get, which affects your belief system, which affects your confidence in your potential.

It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that feeds the, I am not good enough narrative, which we all entertain.

Chris Guillebeau, the founder of The Art of non-Conformity, calls this type of life the unremarkably average life. And it’s the life that most of you are familiar with:

  1. Don’t question authority.
  2. Think about starting your own business, but never do it.
  3. Think about writing a book, but never do it.
  4. Sit at a desk 40 hours a week for an average of 10 hours of productive work.

So instead of building a fulfilled life, you live a life of limited potential. So how do you break the bonds of the unremarkably average life – by being certain.

The Bread Delivery Guy Who Wanted To Write

In early 2015, I ran into Entrepreneur Magazine contributor, Kimanzi Constable. I found Constable’s story particularly engaging – he was a bread delivery man who became a successful writer.

Now, Kimanzi’s life had all the signals of a I am not good enough, story:

  • He worked a job he hated.
  • He was 170 pounds overweight.
  • He was on the verge of losing his family.
  • He was nearly $200,000 in debt.
  • And Constable was certain that he could never be a writer – his dream.

But Constable snapped! He got pissed off! Fed up!

And refused to continue to live an unremarkably average life. So he made the conscious decision to divorce his limiting beliefs and began creating empowering stories. And through his new empowering beliefs, Constable began to find effective strategies that brought him to a state of certainty.

This new found certainty allowed Kimanzi to know that he was going to be a writer, an in-demand personal coach, business consultant, and international speaker.

And when you are certain about your potential, you take massive, which leads to massive results, which reinforces your belief system. And this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of greatness.

Today, Constable has written three books and is an in-demand personal coach, business consultant, and international speaker. Who recently moved his family from cold Milwaukee to beautiful Hawaii.

A Guide To The Perfect Affirmation

So to divorce your limiting beliefs and recondition your mind to feel empowered by positivity, there is one strategy that works well – affirmations.

Affirmations can be powerful tools in the fight against limiting beliefs if used wisely. Let’s take a look at how you can use affirmations.

Action Item: I would start by looking at the accounts of your life: family, health, finances, marriage, etc. And decide what account you want to make the greatest improvement in. The goal must be a significant improvement that you are ready to commit to. That goal now needs to be reinforced by your why. The why is the reason this goal is important to you, it must also be significant.

Example #1 – Health: I am committed to losing _________ pounds and weighing __________ pounds by __________ so that I can set an example of health, fitness and goal achievement to myself, and my family.

The Habit: To ensure that I lose _________ pounds, I am committed to run the NYC Marathon in 2016 and drinking 194 ounces of water every day.

Example #2 – Marriage: I am committed to building a loving partnership with my wife, __________ so that our marriage will grow into an amazing story, without regrets.

The Habit: To ensure that I am building a loving relationship with my wife, __________ I am committed to helping her become the best version of herself.

Simply writing down the affirmation only affirms what you want – you must tie it to an action (or habit) to each affirmation. And the more specific the action, the better. By both reciting the affirmation and taking action, you are empowering yourself.

Once you have fleshed out your affirmations, it’s time to recite them. By doing so, you are reconditioning your mind and making a conscience effort to transition from your limiting beliefs to your new empowering story.

I would schedule reciting the affirmations. And doing it once a day is not enough. These affirmations must become part of your story’s DNA. I have setup an alarm on my smartphone and every 30 minutes the alarm goes off; that is my trigger to recite my affirmations.

Improve By 1%

For too long you have lived in the shadow of your limiting beliefs. They have retarded your potential and derailed your dreams. But by making a tiny 1% change in your story, you can empower yourself to live a fulfilled life.