If you want your company to run successfully, you need to be able to manage your employees both effectively and efficiently. Without a smooth running team, your company will not be productive and you will have issues when it comes to delivery and employee cooperation. A good management team should be in place at every business. The management team is responsible for keeping the company moving forward and motivating employees for maximum productivity.

There are certain ways you can manage employees more effectively to get better results out of them. Proper management will build trust in an employee-manager relationship and your employees will learn to trust the management team and know that upper management is keeping their best interests in mind.

Trust is Essential

Trust is an essential quality that must be present in every employee and management relationship. Without trust, there is nothing; similar to a relationship. Some things you should consider when you are thinking about building trust in your company is whether you always uphold promises, whether or not you are honest and fair in all of your dealings with employees, and do you evenly focus on the strengths and weaknesses of both management and employees.

Management who deals with every employee in the same manner will earn more trust than management who plays favorites or only hands out free passes to certain individuals. Stay consistent and your team will continue to produce.

Open and Positive Communication

IMG_1034Every employee wants to know what is going on in the company and will feel part of a team when announcements and communication occurs. Not only expressing what is going on in the company, but also allowing employees to feel like your office door is open is a great way to boost employee satisfaction.

Employees want to know they can communicate with the management team when needed. Managers who have a productive and happy set of employees are ones who have open feedback, offer criticism, take criticism, and also initiate communication with their employees.

Feedback; Take it or Leave It

Employees want feedback from their boss and they do not want to have to constantly ask for it. When an employee submits a project, acknowledgement or a well done is perfect. Employees feed off of the encouragement and feedback that the management team gives.

This also helps employees strengthen their skills and learn where their weakness is. An employee cannot learn from a mistake if they are not shown.

Motivate your Employees

A great management team will motive their employees to keep pushing forward. Support is also a way to help motivate employees. If you see an employee struggling to get something done or you know that they are backed up on their work, offer help. This will show them you care and it will also push them to keep moving forward.

Motivate Concept text on background
Motivate Concept text on background

Incentives are a great way to motivate employees to be productive and push forward. These incentives can be for reaching milestones during a huge project or even for selling the most product during the quarter.

Showing your employees that they matter and showing appreciation will boost the company morale and will also create happier employees who are glad to perform work. Creating a supportive environment with plenty of feedback and communication is key to effectively managing your employees.

Having an employee handbook will help detail out everything you expect from your employees. Each employee should receive a copy and sign something stating they understand their expectations and the rules of the company. A great management team will have an employee handbook in place. The SBA, U.S. Small Business Administration, has detailed out what should be included in an employee handbook. Check it out here.

What are you doing to build employee morale?