Most start-up companies begin on a grassroots level, in order to reduce the cost of overhead until the visions of a profit are in sight. The most challenging aspect for any new company is building an ‘A Class’ team to move the business forward. The employees can be the most valuable asset or an unexpected liability, so choosing wisely is key.

Kevin Scott Hall responded to one of my posts on Twitter this week. This is what he said:

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As a business owner, I find that the circumstances change when hiring a team. The first objective is to figure out what your expectations are based on goals of your company. Here are four tips to keep in mind when making that key decision:

1) Evaluate the skills needed to achieve your goals as a start up company

2) Create an organizational chart, with clearly defined roles, duties and responsibilities

3) Know your personal strengths and your weaknesses. Understand how you can best compliment the infrastructure of your organization using your strengths

4) Hire talented individuals who will bring added value to your company, with diverse skills unlike your own

Creating a horizontally tiered organization will give you greater opportunity to capture fresh ideas and attract individuals that want to be a part of something exciting. As we know, technology plays a huge role in all aspects of our lives. It certainly will have an impact on your business. The skill set and personality traits of the talent which you hire are key components when incorporating the before mentioned. Here are 6 generic traits to look for:

  • Fresh perspective
  • Flexible and open
  • Team player yet self motivated
  • Excited and exciting
  • Tech savvy /Tech curious
  • A Sponge

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