Thought leaders are informed leaders who provide valuable opinions on specific issues based on their expertise in a particular field. They are reliable sources, who seek to motivate others through their innovative concepts and ideas. Becoming a thought leader is not a very easy task; you need a substantial amount of information and knowledge in your field in order to garner attention; but once you do establish yourself as an expert in your industry, potential customers and clients will begin to trust you more, bloggers and reporters will begin to approach you and in no time you will also gain a loyal set of followers.

First mentioned by Joel Kurtzman in the early nineties as “futurist and known as a service or product that can have a great impact on society,” thought leadership is becoming increasingly significant because of social media.

Thought leadership provides a different type of growth strategy for corporations. Big companies like PwC, Deloitte, McKinsey, and IBM have been at the forefront of thought leadership.

How thought-leadership can benefit you as an individual and grow your organization?

  • Strengthen your PR options

PR can always assist you in becoming a thought leader and help you gain the publicity you require, just as how becoming a thought leader will widen your scope when it comes to fuelling your PR opportunities.

Once you’re perceived as an expert in your field, influencers and bloggers will reach out to you for advice and will in turn help boost your publicity, especially if you’re featured in renowned publications. You’ll earn more news coverage and will be the go-to person for a particular topic.

  • Fuel more Content

There’s plenty of content that goes out on the internet every day, but viewers have a hard time finding genuine, authentic content. One of the most common ways content creators use to find new, appealing trends and ideas is through thought-leaders.

Once content creators like your work, they automatically begin to reference you, and you get more publicity. Consequently, your opportunity to collaborate with more content creators will increase.

  • Build Credibility and Trust

When you consistently provide beneficial information for the reader, that help or influences them in some way, you end up building a rapport with them. You’ll gain respect in the market, from your peers as well as your customers and will stand a strong chance of being chosen over your competitors.

Business growth can be facilitated in numerous ways. Although many companies stick to traditional methods like sales or mergers and corporations, by default, they tend to overlook the power of sharing knowledge. Thought leadership and its flourishing command on corporate agenda have been increasing steadily over the years. It not only helps a company market itself better but also improves brand image. At the same time, it plays a crucial factor in understanding the vital forces that are necessary for shaping a company.

  • Inculcate a sense of Learning

While sharing your thoughts with readers, you will also be motivating your employees to keep up with the latest trends in the industry and help them gain the upper hand on several topics. Highly engaged employees can have a drastic impact on the company, and making an environment conducive to generating creative thoughts and ideas can push a company’s boundaries to achieve great results.

Most of us deal with constant change in every aspect of our business, but no one typically has solutions to all the problems generated in the 21st-century global market. This presents a valuable opportunity for leaders and corporations to lay out knowledge with strategic partners and clients to enable information and growth through thought leadership.

Organizations that can help initiate your thought-leadership journey

Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC)

YEC is an invite-only fee-based organization comprised of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, 45 and younger. To be a part of this community, you need to be located in North America and also be the owner or co-owner of your company. It is a platform that can that can greatly help bolster your personal brand while also help you gain insights and advice from peers in your industry. Recognized by top media outlets worldwide, it takes community management to a whole new level by building a network of entrepreneurs.

Intellectus – Genius Worldwide Council

Intellectus is a platform for acclaimed experts to showcase their knowledge; where an experienced professional or entrepreneur can become a strategic leader and create a masterful impact, by getting your articles published on top publications that have been partnered with Intellectus. The sole purpose of this platform is to give recognition to real industry experts as opposed to marketers who brand themselves as experts by writing on publications.

If you think you qualify their definition of an expert and have what it takes to become a thought-leader, get in touch with Intellectus so that you can commence your journey towards creating a positive impact.

Entrepreneur Organization (EO)

Entrepreneur’s organization is a global network for entrepreneurs which help entrepreneurs learn and grow through connection to experts, once in a lifetime experiences and peer-to-peer learning. Transforming the lives of several entrepreneurs, EO helps them realize their actual potential and plays an extremely integral part in businesses. Members of EO must be the owner, founder or majority stakeholder of a business earning a minimum of US$ 1 million in the most recent fiscal year.