So many times things bother us and what is our reaction: complain! We can easily fall into this habit, how easy is it to DM or call your friend and unleash your negative thoughts?  Of course, talking with friends is stress relieving and does make things better however; consider how that negative energy spreads to others. Don’t be the vampire friend that sucks the energy from your friends and family. Strive to be a person that people are excited to see on their caller ID or in their inbox.

This quote from Mother Teresa inspires me constantly “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”

I urge you to stop, think and not spread the negativity. Have a problem at work or with your spouse? Think about the problem, break it into small pieces and see how YOU can turn it around. Instead of turning that snowflake into a snowball or worse yet an avalanche, take a breath and contemplate. Social Media amplifies emotions both good and bad. Rehashing the same negative story over and over again is not changing it or improving it, you are just propagating the negative energy and giving it a home.

Bouncing ideas off people in whom you trust and that care about you is gift, don’t abuse it. These fabulous people see things in you that you might not recognize at the moment. Trust your best friends and heed their advice, hopefully you have a few people who know you well and can help you sort through life when issues pop up. However; don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution! This goes for your own life  as well as your friends. Communicating with your family and friends, sharing in the joy and disappointment in life is a big part of our relationships but consider how you leave people feeling once the conversation is over.

What ways do you have to handle problems or issues that arrive? How do you help your friends and family when they come to you? Are you part of the solution for a more positive life for you and friends?

Photo courtesy of Melina.via creative commons.