The truth is that we become leaders the second we own a business and step into the entrepreneurial world. BUT turning this important role into a success or failure is totally a matter of choice. Business owners that are too focused on just transactions and closing sales/deals without genuinely connecting with their clients will only get money as a return. Not a wise choice if you ask me. Sooner or later they will see their own clients directing their attention somewhere else because of the lack of trust and value.

Leading clients wisely and honestly towards clarity and ease is by far the best way to retain a larger number of clients. I don’t think anyone likes to test the same products and services every day from different brands unless they have a review channel on Youtube.

In short, you are supposed to lead and serve as an entrepreneur. There’s no shortcut to step up your business game without leveling up your interaction with customers.

Positive interaction and the ability to lead clients in the right direction are keys to business success.

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Let’s move on to discussing some WAYS TO LEAD CLIENTS SUCCESSFULLY. Below are some basic steps I believe we should take every time when onboarding and dealing with clients.

So make sure your clients know and feel the same when you talk with them. Oftentimes, people only know and care about what they need. This makes them ignore a few pieces of information that can affect the overall experience. Therefore, the best approach is to create a visual frame for your client. Let them understand the industry as a whole and what their journey will look like working with you.

Educate them about the latest industry trends and be clear about terms, pricing, results, complications, and all the aspects involved.

Being an expert and leader, the responsibility to lay all the options and possibilities in front of them lies on your shoulders.

Don’t omit any kind of relevant details. This will save both of you from frustrations and misunderstandings in the future. However, don’t put too many choices in front of them either. This can bring confusion to clients due to their fear of picking the wrong one.

Hiding and misleading clients won’t get you anywhere. Tell them about the good, the bad, and the ugly from the start and how you (if you can) mitigate those risks. This will lead them to take the right decision with confidence and trust you in the process.

Also, remind them what their journey will be like without you … this is the perfect place for your differentiator. Being solution-oriented and steering clients to fruitful decisions by sharing useful information will keep you ahead of your biz competition.

Before they craft their own version, take charge and set yours in their mind. Explain the process to them and how the working relationship with you looks like. Make sure they have a clear idea about your availability hours, working pattern and any other information related to the service you provide.

For instance: My dry cleaning lady thoroughly checks every time the clothing parcel to specifically point out stubborn stains that can leave marks. She gives me 2 different time slots to pick the clothes. This is how she paints both the best and worst scenarios so I always know what to expect from her.

However, it should not only benefit you. Listen and understand what your clients want and expect from you and then try your best to under-promise and over-deliver.

In A Nutshell

Leading your clients in the right direction is crucial to drive your business to success and end each transaction smoothly. Following are a few ways to do it.

  • Act as an expert to help clients understand his/her industry and make informed decisions.
  • Use simple terms and client’s language for communication.
  • Inspire them to act.
  • Be clear about your offering, features, pricing and working process.
  • Be Transparent about the risks and don’t omit any information.
  • Set expectations from the start.

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