Did you know that the more stress you have, the less effective your performance at work may be? So with the new year, now is the time to come up with new ways to make your life at work less stressful, and to establish better coping mechanisms. Here are some tips:

Pinpoint what makes you stressed

Are you putting in too many hours? Is your boss hard to work with? Are you in a career that doesn’t really fit your desires? Whatever your issues are, being able to specify what your issue – or issues – are that bring on stress can help you potentially be able to resolve your stress.

Manage your time better

One of the ways to reduce your stress is time management. Life coach advisors say you can start doing this by tracking your time, and seeing where you can make adjustments. Start by tracking everything you do at work for a week. After doing so, you may see where you waste time, where you are in a groove, and when you are most – or least — productive.

Prioritize with your manager

After seeing what you do at a work during a typical week, it could be that you simply have too much to do at your job. So you might want to consider talking with your boss about setting priorities. Maybe the things you are spending the most time on are simply not important to your boss, while other things you spend very time on are what really are important to your manager.

Avoid negativity

Don’t be part of the pity party at work, where negative people spend their time complaining. Also stay away from workplace gossip and those people who only seek to tear others down. You would be surprised as to how much negative thoughts and actions can contribute to your stress.

Keep a better work-life balance

Overscheduling your work day so it affects your personal life is not a way to live. Instead, try to aim for a workload that allows you to have a personal life. Granted, you may not be able to leave work at five every night every evening, but try to fit in time for yourself and your family each day.

Take better care of yourself

There is a vicious cycle that happens often with people who are stressed. They eat poorly, drink, smoke, don’t get enough sleep and don’t exercise. That happens for multiple reasons. One is that they are either too frazzled to do things like cook, work out, and get the sleep that they need. The other is that they figure that they deserve to eat or drink or smoke what they want, because they work so long and so hard, and are so stressed.  The problem is, of course, that these bad habits don’t reduce stress; they ultimately increase stress.   

Instead, you need to eat healthy foods, find time to work out, use relaxation techniques like deep breathing and yoga, and get the requisite amount of sleep that you need to feel refreshed. If you have to spend extra time on these things, look at it as an investment in improving your quality of life, and reducing your stress.

Look for another job

It is possible that none of these stress reduction techniques will help you, because you have an unreasonable boss, or you’re in a job you are ill-suited for, or you long to be doing something else. In that case, it is time to think about what you can do instead of your current job, and move on.