If you are considering becoming an entrepreneur, then you may be thinking twice about it because people talk about how difficult it is. What you hear less often is that there are several traits that successful entrepreneurs share.


  1. Honesty is important.
    Nobody likes to be lied to, and insincerity is nearly as irritating to customers. If you act in a way that is genuine, you will win over a lot more customers. It helps to be passionate about your business.

  2. Admitting when you don’t know something.
    Being an entrepreneur is more about knowing when and how to take risk than being the brainiest person in the room. Entrepreneurs tend to be socially adept, and that means they know when to ask for help.

  3. Understanding when to say no.
    A lot of entrepreneurs think that saying no is not an option. This often means they commit to either too much work or things that they cannot deliver. Being able to say no can save you negative reviews and a lot of wasted time.

  4. Refusing to quit.
    All business owners have failure stories. Some of the biggest successes came out of decided failures, including Walt Disney’s and Steve Jobs’. The difference is that they learned from their mistakes instead of giving up.

  5. Being able to tell when something is a lost cause.
    There is a difference between refusing to quit and being stubborn. Successful entrepreneurs are able to tell when it is time to accept that something isa bad decision and cut their losses.

  6. Knowing when to rest.
    Even when you run a business, you have to know when it is time to take a break. You may feel compelled to work all of the time, but all that will do is lead to fatigue and burn- out. You have to stay not only healthy, but you have to maintain your interest and passion for what you do to succeed.

  7. Entrepreneurs are empathetic.
    In the end, your business is about the customer. You need to establish long-term relationships with both customers and employees.