The coronavirus is affecting many people around the world. It’s important as a leader for you to stay productive during the COVID19 outbreak and help your team to be productive also.

Here is a list of 7 strategies that leaders can use to remain productive during this stressful time.

7 Strategies for Leaders to Stay Productive Even When Stressed

  1. Lose your phone for a portion of the day

It’s important that we put our phones away in order to stay focused. Our phones have become a major distraction from what’s truly important in life, relationships! So, hide your phone from yourself for a few hours or lock it away and see what you can accomplish.

  1. Brainstorm ideas on a notepad

Brainstorming ideas on a notepad is a great way to stay focused and visualize what you need to accomplish for a day. Many people are visual and if the idea is in front of them it will go into their mind and their subconscious will begin to go to work on solutions to accomplish their goals.

  1. Don’t schedule every minute of your day

Staying productive during the coronavirus breakout can be a stressful experience. Leave some time in your schedule for relaxation and thought. it’s a great time to work on your business as opposed to in your business.

Determine what you want to accomplish each day and make it no more than three tasks. Once you’ve accomplished those tasks focus on you.

  1. Put your health first

If you’re going to be more productive and fight through stress you’re really going to need to have energy. Make sure to eat right and get enough sleep that your body is going to need to be more productive.

  1. Give yourself time between meetings

Many leaders tend to book back-to-back meetings which can be very stressful. It’s important for a leader to give themselves a break in between meetings to review the information presented. By giving yourself time to reflect and review you are also giving yourself more time for innovation and better results!

  1. Focus on three goals to accomplish each day

I have worked with thousands of executives over the last 30 years and none of them gets everything on their to-do list done in a day. In fact, the executives that I have coached who focused on three major goals ended up accomplishing more than the executives with giant to-do lists.

  1. Focus on your highest and best use of your talent

When a leader learns to focus on the highest and best use of their talent, they are more productive and less stressed. Delegate work and projects to team members to develop their talents and your productivity will increase immediately.