Bad Habits

It is important to understand that we’re not all born equal. Some of us are in-born leaders, while some work years and years yet get no positive results. What makes the basic difference between a leader and a follower are the personality traits.

You must have read numerous articles on the qualities of an entrepreneur. But, have you ever read about personality traits that the society considers bad but they are actually good for entrepreneurs?

Believe it or not, not everything others consider bad is actually bad. If you feel you are not cut out for the regular nine to five job, you should give something else a try. But, that’s a decision you should take carefully. There are personality tests that can help you choose the right career. These tests are designed to help you succeed in your career by highlighting which option is most suitable for you, keeping your personality in mind.

If you speak to your friends, they will give you a myriad of career choices. They might also ask you to do away with some of your habits. But before you do so, make sure to check if your habits are actually doing you any harm.

Even if others complain about your habits, it doesn’t mean you have to change them. Some personality flaws have been found to be common among successful entrepreneurs. Let’s have a look at them:

1). Not Listening to Others

One of the major problems most entrepreneurs face is their inability to listen to directions when they are working for others. While this sounds like a bad thing on paper, it may be a sign that you are destined for even bigger things in life, such as leading others. You might not want to have a job, but having to pay bills forces most of us to get one. However, it doesn’t mean you begin to decline all orders. It’s important to be able to have your own mind and see what’s actually good for you instead of blindly following what you are told to do.

It has to be kept in mind, however, that saying no to everything may end up backfiring. On the other hand, being able to say no to things that are actually bad may not only highlight your capabilities, but might even win you acclaim.

2). Pride in Oneself

While it is important to be down to earth, arrogance is a trait that is common among most entrepreneurs. Have a look at the likes of Donald Trump and Vince McMahon and you’ll find them to be full of themselves. Does it sound like a good thing? Not really! Does it help them? Absolutely!

But you need to draw a line. Take pride in what you do, instead of what you can do. It is important to show people you’re actually worth it.

3). Putting All Eggs in One Basket

People will call you ‘overachiever’ or ‘obsessed’ when you take on to something a little too passionately. Most will tell you to try multiple things instead of focusing all your energies on one venture, especially if they find it to be risky. However, if you have confidence and the skills it is important to not listen to them.

A one track mind is important, in addition to hours of sleepless nights and hard work.

4). Introvert and Not Friendly

Do not worry if you are not very fond of mingling with people. You do not have to be a social butterfly to succeed as an entrepreneur. PR and relations may work in the industry, but it is not a prerequisite. However, it does not mean that you start to burn bridges with others. It’s still important to be friendly without being too gregarious. You can do well without attending every social gathering.

As per experts, introverts are usually highly skilled individuals with enhances planning, observing and executing skills.

5). Smoking

Believe it or not, smoking has some benefits. The nicotine present in cigarettes helps keep several diseases such as Parkinson’s disease at bay. It also helps lose weight. But, how is it beneficial for entrepreneurs? Smoking is linked to improved cognitive abilities. Nicotine, if consumed in the right quantity, can help attention span, response time and motor skills. However, an overdose can lead to issues such as addiction. This is why many entrepreneurs use e-cigarettes. They’re considered a healthier substitute to traditional cigarettes, and also are environmental friendly.

6). Not Interested in Dating

Your best friend might be worried about a lack of ‘someone special’ in your life, but it doesn’t mean you start to pay attention to them. Reports indicate that relationships can distract you from work, which at the time may be the more important thing to do.

Also, just because you are not in a committed relationship does not mean you cannot commit to work either. You can always find the love of your life once you’ve achieved the aim of your life, which should be to be a successful entrepreneur.

New businesses start almost everyday in America, but a very small chunk of these businesses are able to find success. A large portion of this is due to the fact that many budding entrepreneurs either pick a business that’s not right or fail to understand the traits they really need to succeed. Who knows, some of your bad qualities may turn out to be your blessing in disguise.