1. While a college degree is perhaps still very relevant today than it was at his youth, lack of it shouldn’t prevent you from becoming a success in what you do. Yes, he never had a degree, but look at the success,the legacy and impact of his life. It will remain for many generations to come. It is a fact that many blue chip companies would not have hired Steve Jobs because he never had a college degree. That is a fact.  
  2. A single-minded focus and commitment in one thing can bring great success than doing a multiplicity of things at one given time. 21st century strategy is saying No at times. You cannot be a jack of all trade. Know your strength and Focus on that. Period.
  3. Never apologise to anyone for demanding for excellence.  He focused on producing excellent products – the Ipad, Iphone, Imac Desktops and Laptops are all testimony to that fact. They are all incredibly superior products than no other. Phenomenal. Unfortunately, all competitors are busy doing copy-cat.
  4. Failure doesn’t mean you are out and finished. Steve Jobs failed in the production of his products and at one time he was fired as the head of Macintosh division. Failure means you had tried. Learn from your failures or mistakes.  Rise up, dust yourself and move on.
  5. Your life will be remembered for the lives that you influenced and the Things that you changed. No better legacy than making a difference in the lives of people. Steve Jobs was a life-changer and Influencer.  I love him. This life is short and moves so fast.

May God rest his soul in eternal peace.

What else can you learn from him? Add your comments here.

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