For years, we’ve been figuring out the best qualities that make companies stand out. But really, what makes an organization a great place to work in?

Oftentimes the answer lies in their present generation of workers. No one can judge a company better than their current employees. Workplaces nowadays are run mostly by millennials – a workforce that values company culture more than anything else.

Millenials live in this present age of abundance in terms of technology and finances. For this younger generation, using one’s skills and talents and being part of an engaging environment matter more than a satisfying paycheck.

To be able to attain long-term success, organizations need to keep a winning company culture. A culture that upholds a business’ core values, incorporates fun and encourages open communication and teamwork does not happen by accident. Brands need to actively nourish this to gain a position of advantage for years to come.

Let’s look at the best traits that some remarkable companies share.

  1. They articulate their values – Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s is not just your typical ice cream company. This reputable organization bases their decisions on their three-part mission: Product, Economic, and Social. The company creates their delectable ice cream products while following the best environmental practices, supports career growth for their employees, and contributes to the society by supporting various causes.

The company believes that consumers need to be fully aware of what’s in their food. One of the causes that Ben & Jerry’s care about is mandatory GMO labeling. Simply put, food companies that manufacture products with GMO ingredients need to be straightforward about it.

Ben & Jerry’s has also been actively participating in the climate change movement. If it’s melted, it’s ruined. People, especially the most vulnerable, are suffering the effects of climate change. With that in mind, the company strives to reduce their carbon footprint as best as they can.

  1. They listen to their employees – SnackNation

Another awesome workplace and company that focuses on providing healthy snacks to promote more engaged and healthy employees – SnackNation.

Sean Kelly, the company’s CEO, is a notable expert on Millenial work culture. When it comes to leading millennials in the workplace, Kelly knows that it’s no longer about work-life balance, rather work-life integration.

He quotes, “We see our co-workers more than our spouses or our kids. There’s no separate work life and home life. It’s all just life. That’s why work-life integration is so important to our team, especially Millennials.”

Because millennials work with a purpose and value personal growth, SnackNation places employee satisfaction on top of their list by listening to their employees. In fact, they measure staff members’ sentiments by using two of their favorite tools – TINYpulse and 15Five.

  1. They lead by example and are committed to sustainability – Apple

The IT industry has now become one of the biggest culprits behind greenhouse gas pollution. In fact, the sector’s demand for more electricity is expected to increase threefold by the year 2020.

Huge IT players like Facebook and Google need to address this growing carbon dioxide emission due to cloud computing by setting greenhouse gas reduction goals.

In relation to this issue on sustainability, millennial consumers are well-aware of rising environmental issues. By placing greater value on preserving the environment, they exercise responsibility by purchasing items that are inherently sustainable.

Apple has been one of the tech companies that made an initiative to create a better planet. Striving to create a difference, the company has built solar farms to promote the use of renewable energies.

  1. They value their corporate culture – Warby Parker

Perhaps one of the simplest and most profound corporate cultures today is that of Warby Parker, a company that sells eyeglasses. The four founding fathers of Warby Parker imposes a couple of rules for their team which includes having fun and treating customers the way they would want to be treated.

Big Spaceship has invited two of Warby Parker’s professionals, Stephanie and Jen, to get an inside scoop on the company culture.

After discovering a few exceptional things such as Warby Parker’s employees sharing lunch, having surprise outings, and remembering the values of the organization every single day, Big Spaceship has developed a culture crush on Warby Parker.

  1. They empower their staff – Southwest Airlines

In an industry where we often hear customer complaints, Southwest Airlines continues the pursuit of keeping their customers happy.

Giving up wouldn’t be an option, despite airline problems like mistakes in reservations, delayed luggage, and deviations from scheduled flights.

Southwest Airlines’ mission statement has always been the basis of their business operations. They quote, “The mission of Southwest Airlines is a dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit.”

The company keeps their employees highly motivated by instilling in them a warrior spirit, a servant’s heart, and a fun-loving attitude (how Southwest spells “love”).


These are the characteristics or values that make these companies highly esteemed and admired by their employees. When working for these organizations, people, most especially millennials, know they’re in the best place.

Brands that stay true to their mission do not only empower the customers they serve, but also the team behind the scenes. They know what’s most important to maintain a culture of growth and deliberately implement it.