I’ve been in a lot of companies where the culture was strong; I’ve also been in a lot of companies where the culture left much to be desired. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a company where the culture was perfect. In fact, I’m not sure such a company culture even exists. Simply put, there’s always room to grow, evolve, and improve.

Whether you think your company culture is pretty good or pretty lacking, I’ve got some steps you can take to make it stronger. Here are just a few of my favorite culture-building solutions.

5 Ways to Make Your Company Culture Even Better

5 Ways to Enhance Company Culture

  1. Talk to your employees.

It sounds so simple—yet in practice, it can be so challenging. All I’m advocating for here is that you routinely get with your team members, ask them how they feel about the culture, and solicit their suggestions for improvement. Simply by involving your employees in regular communication, you’ve already made your culture better.

  1. Focus on flexibility.

These days, what your team members want more than anything is the chance to be flexible—whether that means sometimes working remotely, coming in an hour later on Friday mornings, or having a more adaptable PTO structure. Think about ways to inject some flexibility into your employee experience.

  1. Encourage professional development.

Ask your employees where they ultimately hope to go in their careers—then provide them with the support structures they need to achieve those goals. This can be as simple as providing some flexibility for employees who want to pursue some continuous education courses.

  1. Recognize employees.

Do your employees feel seen? Do they feel appreciated? There are a number of ways in which you can recognize employees, whether it’s by giving them the day off on their birthday; creating an Employee of the Month honor; or simply giving public shout-outs for employees who achieve something.

  1. Giving room for innovation.

Finally, consider ways in which you can give your team members more room to try new things and innovate new solutions—without the fear of failure. Often, this is what gets people excited about coming into work—the knowledge that they can follow their instincts, use their creativity, and come up with better ways of doing things.