Set A Professional Example

Redefine Relationships With Colleagues

Ensure Your Communication Is Clear

Becoming A Successful Manager

Become a successful manager normally involves a fast learning curve and a redefining of your role in the company if you have been promoted from within. According to various studies such as, Creative Leadership plus, around half of managers fail.

The idea behind this post is to give you some actionable pointers to becoming a better manager, so you can lodge yourself in the successful half of the data.

Bring Your A Game On Day One

Regardless of whether you have been promoted from within, or if you have joined a new company on day one you should feel enthused and ready to do the business. One of your first priorities should be to meet with your line manager and determine what success and failure looks like. At the end of the day your team’s performance will determine whether you are a success. You need to know what success is so that you can configure your team to achieve.

Set A Professional Example

As a manager, you have to be the consummate professional. You have to be on time no excuses, dressed appropriately, no gossiping about your colleagues to your colleagues, and company focused. Others will look to you not just for your job and industry knowledge, but also for guidance in aspects such as how to behave while at work. Ensure the vibe you give off is a professional one.

Redefine Your Working Relationships

If you have been promoted from within you have to redefine your professional relationships. Before you were promoted, the people you are now managing were probably working at your level or a similar one. Now the dynamic is different, and as such you would be well served if you had a conversation about fairness, workplace perceptions etc. This is not an easy thing to do especially as you could be talking to friends. It is necessary however, and the sooner you do it the better.

Find A Mentor

Often, as a manager you will be faced with situation where there are no rules or guidebook. At these times having a mentor will be invaluable to you. You can go to them and ask for their opinion on a situation and their insights could well provide the solution you need.

Communicate With The Team

At the end of the day your reputation depends almost on entirely on the strength of your team. They have inputs and knowledge that you will need to be a success. Ensure communication with your team is clear, and be clear when you are giving instructions or thinking out loud.

Ensure you canvass their opinions and have good reasons not to go with a suggestion if you decide it isn’t the best suggestion you have ever heard. Address issues your team has, and be clear, forthright, and honest at all times. Even if it is something they may not want to hear.

Becoming a successful manager is about bringing the elements together to make a cohesive whole.

To succeed as a manager, a few hours of career coaching can give you the competitive edge you need. Having a sharp LinkedIn profile and a regularly updated personal brand can give you everything you need to become the best manager you can be.