The list of LinkedIn Groups in this post have been selected based on unique content which can serve as food for thought on a daily basis. I firmly believe that dedicating 10 to 15 minutes for business reading either first thing in the morning or as the last part of your day can intrinsically change your way of thinking. And after all, isn’t that what personal growth is all about – encouraging and cultivating continuous self-growth?

LinkedIn groups are like having your own personalized business and leadership magazine. By joining the right groups you can have all the important information related to your interests displayed in your timeline. The key is knowing which groups will provide you with regular updates that are helpful and informational rather than those which serve as self-promotion for other members. Here are 5 groups which may appear as relatively small blips on the LinkedIn radar but provide valuable reading material.

1. Heartfelt Leadership

The name says it all for this group. In a world where the Millenials are becoming the future of the workplace and people are starting to become desensitized because of overall decentralization we often forget the human part of human resources. The group actually discourages self promotion because they feel that takes away from the quality of posts being shared. As their profile reveals, Heartfelt Leadership is about gratitude, not attitude. It’s for people who want to understand their leaders and strive to become better leaders themselves.

LinkedIn Leadership Groups 1 - Heartfelt Leadership
LinkedIn Leadership Groups 1 – Heartfelt Leadership

2. Leadership Think Tank

This group just sets the tone right by starting their profile off saying “Our world has entered a new era of relationship between leaders and followers, which very clearly, calls for new leaders and a new brand of Leadership in Business and Industry.” This is especially important for Asian companies since many of them follow some form of legacy corporate culture. The simple concept of respect which understandably is extremely important can often cause communication challenges for Asian employees. This group addresses those people who are truly interested in improving themselves and their peers.

LinkedIn Leadership Groups 2 - Leadership Think Tank
LinkedIn Leadership Groups 2 – Leadership Think Tank

3. The Leadership Development Group

“Assess, Learn and Grow” is the model that this group follows for leadership development. A good leader knows that no matter how many years they’ve been working there’s always an opportunity to learn and grow – and that opportunity could come from anywhere. From a child in the family to a thought leader in the business world. Your eyes, ears and heart have to remain open for the leader inside you to grow. Compared to many LinkedIn groups out there, the members in this one are quite active when it comes to commenting so dive right into the discussion.

LinkedIn Leadership Groups 2 - The Leadership Development Group
LinkedIn Leadership Groups 3 – The Leadership Development Group

4. Integrated Leadership and Change Management

Sometimes when compiling a list such as this, the first post in a group or page determines whether the “candidate” makes the list or not. This was the case for this LinkedIn group. The first post I saw was “Is Peter Drucker right? Culture eats Strategy for breakfast” by Enrique J.B., one of the top contributors to the group. I started this post with “food for thought” and Enrique J.B.’s update is a perfect example. It’s not something that you’d implement immediately and even if you don’t get down to reading the entire post, just the title is simply enough to get the gears turning in your mind. If you’ve never attended a course on change management and leadership do so and until then, read up from this group.

LinkedIn Leadership Groups 4 - Integrated Leadership and Change Management
LinkedIn Leadership Groups 4 – Integrated Leadership and Change Management

5. Inspirational Leadership, Management and Engagement – People Discovery

Every time I remember that the average person spends more waking hours at the office than at home I’m a little bit awed. It’s quite sad when you considering that there are so many people out there who don’t enjoy their time at the office. This LinkedIn group attempts to address the core values that we all possess and use these to make us happy at work and beyond. Achieving happiness often comes by breaking a bad habit or creating a new good one. Add “Read LinkedIn Groups” to your routine and make sure that this one’s on the list.

LinkedIn Leadership Groups 5 - Inspirational Leadership, Management and Engagement - People Discovery
LinkedIn Leadership Groups 5 – Inspirational Leadership, Management and Engagement – People Discovery

Do you have any groups that you’d like to add to this list? If you think that LinkedIn is a good way to help you grow, take a look at this Social Media Toolkit to Advance Your Career which gives you 14 more social media tools to use. Remember, the learning never stops – you just have to give it a little bit of time.