Being a great leader does not happen overnight, it is a process. The great leaders I have worked with have all shared some common traits. They were knowledgable, positive, well-traveled and actually cared about people. If you want to be a leader of the future then is it time to invest in experiences that will furnish you with a well-rounded character that people will follow.

1. Travel.

Broaden your horizons, life experience and improve the look of your resume with travel.

We are not talking about visiting another state, visit another continent, with a different culture. Asia is a great option for a life-changing experience and central Europe for the heart of western culture.

International airfares have never been cheaper. For example, a round-trip flight from New York to Malaysia costs as little as $750. Thus now is the time for twentysomethings to travel and see the world.

Your twenties are a great time to travel because family or job commitments are less likely to bog you down. Even if you are working, take a break and see the world.

2. A Life-Long Learning Habit.

People who are constantly learning are likely to earn more and enjoy better health than TV binging couch potatoes.

For example, researchers Christopher Tamborini, ChangHwan Kim, and Arthur Sakamoto estimate that a person with a life learning habit will earn an additional $655,000 in his lifetime. In addition, a woman who is a lifelong learner will earn an additional $445,000 over her lifetime.

Moreover, people with lifelong learning habits are healthier and can live longer than the lazy. For instance, a 2006 study found lifelong learners have healthy lifestyles. Finally, lifelong learners could delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease by keeping their brains active.

The best time to develop a lifelong learning habit is now. For instance, you can get in the habit of reading a nonfiction book each week. In addition, you can develop a habit of regularly taking college or online courses.

For example, there are hundreds of massive open online courses (MOOCS) available as free videos through sites like YouTube. Watching MOOCs is a great way to gain knowledge and learn job skills.

3. Invest In Marketable Job Skills.

Nearly half of today’s jobs could disappear within the next decade. Specifically, an Oxford University study found automation could replace 47% of today’s employees by 2023. Hence, vast numbers of jobs will disappear in the next decade.

Therefore, every person needs several sets of marketable job skills to fall back upon. Even if you do not use them, additional job skills can help you spot investment and business opportunities.

4. A Second Or Third Language.

Knowing a foreign language could add 10% to 15% to the wages of the average resident of the United Kingdom, The Guardian calculates.

The benefits are smaller in the United States but they can add up. For instance, German speakers in the United States earn 3.8% more than English speakers.

Finally, learning Mandarin could open doors in the world’s largest economy China. Mandarin is China’s national language.

5. A Positive Attitude.

Researchers found that people that think positively live longer, have lower rates of stress and depression, and have healthier hearts.

Positive thinkers are even less susceptible to the common cold, the Mayo Clinic reports. In addition, positive thinkers were less likely to die from cardiovascular disease.

Finally, positive thinkers are better at coping with stress and hardships. Thus, positive thinkers recover from failure faster.

Its never too late to develop a positive mental attitude because you have decades of stress ahead of you. For instance, being able to cope with financial stress can help you make more money.

To explain, if a financial crisis does not stress you out; you will be more likely to spot opportunities. Thus you can make money while everybody else is panicking.

6. Invest In Knowledge.

Being a good leader requires two things, knowledge and experience. Thus accumulating knowledge in your twenties can lead to more wealth later long.

Notably, the world’s two richest men; Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Microsoft founder Bill Gates, are knowledge workers. If you are in your twenties and you want to be rich you need knowledge. The best time to accumulate knowledge is as soon as possible.

You can continually learn even using your smartphone. For example, if you want to be a leader in finance of investing you can listen to audiobooks, watch documentary movies, and let’s not forget actually reading books.