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The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines being successful as “having gotten or achieved wealth, respect, or fame.” Although this definition is accurate there are many other ways to be successful, the alternative definition by the Merriam-Webster dictionary is “having the correct or desired result: ending in success.” There seems to be a connection between our greatest modern business leaders in regard to what it takes to be successful and the key deficiencies that exist in people that are not successful.

1. You lack passion and purpose

“Your persistence on any given endeavor is determined by the clarity of your purpose.”–Grant Cardone

In a recent article, I wrote for the Huffington Post titled “Follow Your Passion And Find Your Purpose,” I highlight the key reasons professionals suffer the infamous “burn out.” When business owners lack passion and purpose they tend to only be driven by money and material possessions. Employees can tell when business executives and management lack passion and purpose, how would you like working at a company that didn’t care for their employees or products? When management feels passionate about the company and has a clear purpose for the future, employees understand expectations better and share in the accomplishment of objectives.

2. You never engage with the public

“My definition of success? The more you’re actively and practically engaged, the more successful you will feel.” –Richard Branson

You can’t engage with a business professional who has gatekeepers in place that don’t care to engage with the public. Your objective should be to meet with people that can help your business grow. Engagement is more than picking up the phone when a lead calls to inquire about your services or products, engagement is constantly utilizing innovative platforms to connect to the world to extend your reach.

3. You underestimate the power of persistence

“Persistence is the single most common trait of the most successful.” –Grant Cardone

Ryan Holiday of wrote, “persistent concentration and looking at an obstacle from every angle can lead someone to have an “aha!” moment as the solution is dug up from the brain.” This is true for many entrepreneurs who struggle with constantly being told no. When we face recurring rejection, the easiest action to take is to give up. The most affluent entrepreneurs believed in their ideas and had the will to survive the rejection. My veteran-owned business Tech From Vets has faced many obstacles and rejection, the objective is to keep finding ways to be creatively persistent, even the Bible states that faith without works is dead.

“I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful entrepreneurs is perseverance.” — Steve Jobs

4. You don’t innovate

“My definition of failure became not trying, not the outcome.” –Sara Blakely

The issue with many business professionals is that they give up on making use of innovative technology that can help grow their business. Instead of learning and adapting to the rapid change in consumerism business owners would rather stick to the principles and strategies that made their brand successful. With over eighty million millennials in America with an annual buying power of $200 billion dollars the entrepreneurs who don’t continuously innovate will be replaced by the businesses that continuously find ways to engage and innovate their business communications to the public. Mobile applications are a perfect example of an innovative technology that’s being underutilized by businesses and entrepreneurs.

“innovation is the real driver of progress” Bill Gates

Bonus: You are motivated solely by revenue

“The biggest things that have gotten done in the world tend to be done by people who primarily believe in a mission and are not trying to build a company; by teams, not by individuals; and by people who just don’t give up.” –Mark Zuckerberg

Your business is not a bank, and you are not an ATM. Viewing your business as a profit and loss statement will cause you to lose your purpose and passion. You are in business to solve a problem; you exist to provide value to the marketplace. Writing articles for prestigious websites gave me a platform to share my business knowledge. Money can’t validate me as a market expert, only my track record can speak for my business expertise. The best and brightest business leaders are not driven by money; they are motivated by the people they can help on a global level.