What do you think is a leader’s main responsibility?

Curious about the answers I did an informal survey and these three themes that kept resurfacing:

  • Building Bridges.
  • Vision Casting.
  • The Customer.

While each of those responses is a good answer, they are not, necessarily, correct.

Why The Four Seasons Is A Great Hotel

Simon Sinek, an author, speaker, and consultant explains, “Leaders think they are responsible for results. There is not a leader on the planet responsible for results. A leader is responsible for the people that get the results.”

When I heard Sinek’s statement I thought it was rather ridiculous. A leader is most certainly responsible for the results. I allowed Sinek’s declaration to stew, throughout the next few weeks I conscientiously monitored how I supported my teams. When I only managed the team, the results were spot on but when I managed the results they were not so evident.

Simon continues his assertion by retelling a story of when he was staying at the Four Seasons. Simon loves the hotel because of the people that work at the Four Seasons. Sinek recalls an interaction with Noah, a barista a the hotel’s cafe, “He was funny, charming, and engaging. And I left him a 100% tip.” Simon curious to find out why Noah was so fantastic at his job asked, “Do you like your job?”

Without hesitation, Noah proclaimed, “I love my job.” Sinek probed further, “What is it about your job, what is the Fours Seasons doing that makes you love your job so much?”

Noah response, “Throughout the day managers will walk pass and ask how am I doing and if there is anything I need. That makes me feel supported.” And Noah continues, “But I also work at Caesars Palace, and there the managers walk around making sure that we are doing everything right. And to catch us if we do something wrong. So I keep my head down because I don’t want to get in trouble.”

So I ask you again, what do you think is a leader’s main responsibility?

4 Strategies On Becoming More Influential

Let me ask you a better question posed by Senthiyl S S G, Managing Director of Arbinger South East Asia, “How can you have an unflinching focus on results while honoring and seeing people as people?”

Yes, the question is a difficult one to answer but only at first. You see, as a leader you are either making things better or worse for your team. Those actions will determine what results your team will produce. I have come to understand that; leadership isn’t about how far I advance myself but how far I can advance someone else.

That is an important mindset to adopt if you wish to build high performing teams.

Senthiyl S S G, lists four strategies on how this mindset can be cultivated:

  1. Become truly and fully results-oriented; by focusing on helping others achieve their results (Our results).
  2. Remove this conflict or contradiction that they have around behaviors and become more effective in every action, at any given time & situation.
  3. Properly fill their role as a leader by bringing out their true potential in themselves and others who look up to and rely on them.
  4. Nurture a culture free of blame and self-focus.

Leadership is difficult. There are countless strategies and opinions, but the foundation of good leadership is influence. That is the most important takeaway of this article; understand how to influence your teams and they will get you the results.