One of the most important decisions you can make in your journey of building a lifestyle that matters is to surround yourself with mentors.

Not doing so will limit your success.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”
– Jim Rohn

This is a simple statement with a profound impact. By surrounding yourself with people who are average, then your standard of thinking will be – average.

But if you take the initiative and surround yourself with people that are exceptional then your standard of thinking will be – exceptional.

This is an uncomplicated argument but one that many high achievers do not subscribe too.

It might be tough for you, at first, to find a mentor. But part of your growth is to venture outside of your comfort zone and connect with these high achievers.

You can just start small, a baby step, and seek out virtual mentors.

How do you begin your search? By answering this question:

  • What do you really want to get out of life?

This question will help guide you in finding those online personalities who can be added to your virtual mentoring team.

By connecting with these mentors, you will not only improve your standard of thinking but you will begin to accomplish your goals.

On being simple and grateful. – Leo Babauta

I enjoy reading Leo Babauta’s story. He was an everyday man with everyday problems.

Babauta was unhappy at his job, overweight, more month than check and married with kids. He was living the remarkably average life which Babauta was fine with, until he was not.

Babauta made a choice to live a better life. He did not make any epic changes he started small. Babauta slowly exchanged one bad habit for one good habit.

These small changes allowed Leo to not only improve his life but the lives of his family. Today, Leo is a published author, a vegan, has tripled his income and is the founder of

Babauta will be the first to tell you that he is no expert. His entire life is nothing more than an experiment in making tiny changes. Sometimes he succeeds but more times than not Babauta fails – and he is okay with that.

Failure is a great teacher. And if you are listening you can leverage those failures and achieve your goals.

Your health is the main investment. – Manuel Villacorta

Manuel Villacorta’s is not your average health guru. Villacorta will not tell you to go on a diet that starves you. What he will tell you is that you can eat whatever you want – but it must be healthy.

Our health is the foundation of our life. Poor health negatively affects everything we do. That includes your goals in living your life with purpose.

But if you have good health, then rising to the challenge of accomplishing your goals becomes easier.

Villacorta’s action plan is based on living a great life. He drives this point repeatedly through personal examples. If you take a look at his Instagram feed, it’s full of yummy images – like sangria palm dessert style or avocado and cilantro chicken soup or prawns a la aji.

You can get lots of information from Villacorta’s blog but if you want a strategy you can subscribe to his Menu Plans.

For the high achiever eating healthy is a mandatory part of your life. If you want to see your business and lifestyle, improve then invest in yourself.

Writing a better story for better results. – Donald Miller

Donald Miller is a best-selling author, speaker and founder of the Storyline Conference. As a writer, I am biased but I love Miller and his writing framework.

I find that most writers preach the same strategies:

  • Write every day
  • Read a lot
  • Focus on a niche
  • Yadda, yadda, yadda…

But you are still left wondering – “great strategies but how do I become a better writer?”

I get it – you want your prose to resonate with the reader because it must.

Well, there is more. There is a framework that will allow you to become a better writer and it’s storytelling. But not the way your uncle tells stories – the way Hollywood tells stories.

Miller has adapted Hollywood’s storying telling strategy into a writing framework.

And it looks like this: There is a character who has a problem, then meets a guide, who gives them a plan, calls them to action, that action either results in a comedy or tragedy.

It’s the framework that I am using to write this article, which it the same structure that I have used to write articles for the past five months. It has helped me not only write better but frame my thoughts, coherently.

The structure is not a gimmick, and it does take practice, but the results are impressive.

Building an online business. – Pat Flynn

Flynn claims to be the ”crash test dummy for online business.” And that philosophy has allowed him to achieve great success.

Unfortunately, Flynn’s success is not a happily ever after story, it comes on the back of multiple failures. But those failures have allowed Flynn to build an online business that generates over $100,000 a month.

How did Pat build a seven-future business? By being fired from his job.

The story goes that Flynn was fired from his architecture job and with a growing family to support, he had to do something drastic.

So with the support of his wife, mom and dad Flynn started his online business.

Flynn failed repeatedly and learned from each failure. Flynn’s success is a product of the Act. Learn. Build. Repeat Model which teaches:

  • Understand what services or products you want to make
  • Take a small step and then learn from that step
  • Build off that learning experience
  • Take another small step and then learn from that step
  • And repeat…

Building a business is a tough journey with no guarantees of success. But you should be more fearful of what will happen if you never tried.

Because living a lifestyle that matters is about the journey and not the destination.

Question: This list of virtual mentors is my personal list. So if you could put together a list of amazing mentors who would they be?

This article was originally posted on Good Men Project.