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A leader that’s constantly changing their ideas and vision isn’t easy to follow. Sporadic, random, all over the place, indecisive, and even chaotic are what comes to mind when describing such leaders. One week you’re focusing on a particular project and the next something completely different. Teams can easily get frustrated, lose focus and get annoyed by such leaders. And hence, they’ll repel really talented people because of their lack of resolve and commitment.

Now on the flipside to this, is the fact that since we’re operating in the times of rapid and exponential changes leaders, companies and talent need to remain fluid, agile and constantly evolving. Hence, strategies and visions need to constantly be revisited, revised and realigned as well.

So how does an exponential leader stand firm on their resolve when things are changing so rapidly and avoid losing interest of their followers? Here are 4 tips on how to lead with resolve.

1. Be True To Yourself

Chasing the dreams, aspirations and goals of others is probably the biggest mistake anyone can make. You think of successful leaders like Bill Gates, Jack Welch or Elon Musk and your first instinct is to emulate them. Their accomplishments were their dreams. Chasing what others have dreamed of is a guaranteed path to being unsuccessful and unhappy. Believe me, you’ll regret it. Living a life in which you’re true to yourself entails setting aside all the “shoulds” you have locked up in your head. These are the expectations others have of us – our parents, teachers and even bosses. Following other people’s dreams may ensure their happiness, however, yours will suffer. Instead of chasing what others want and expect from us, surround yourself with the honesty of “who you want to be”. Steve Jobs one said “You’ve got to love what you’re doing otherwise you’re going to give up”. Love what you do, and love who you are.

2. Pursue Your Values

I’ve often said in my blogs that to truly lead people towards greatness and inspire them to tap into their full potential you need to lead with values that appeal to everyone. At the heart of every leader should be core values that inspires and drives greatness. It’s what’ll enhance your leadership brand and inspire people to follow you. Irrespective of the situation or challenge, your core values are non-negotiable and unchallengeable. They hold steady through all trials and grant you an edge over any other. Be it values of your professional or personal life, your values are what define you. It defines the person you are, be a parent, a son/daughter, a spouse, a colleague, a citizen, or a leader. Guarding your values and remaining true to them is the vital element that’ll guarantee you prosper in life, always!

3. Lead With Purpose

Leading with purpose means to have a clear image of the life you want and then pursuing it boldly and without any inhibitions. Having a purpose is more than a goal or an end result. It’s much bigger. It’s elaborate and often outrageously gigantic. As a leader, leading with purpose necessitates a clear understanding of why you want to be a leader and why you should be one. Authentic leadership isn’t just making your way to the top. It’s abound creating a better future for the people who lead, your organization, the various stakeholders of your organization and the community you serve and operate in. In essence incorporating your personal purpose into that of your business is what’ll help you achieve it. And along the way you’ll inspire others to have a purpose as well.

4. Accept Change

Technology, consumer behavior and expectations and business models have all rapidly evolved, altered and grown. It’s high time you embrace changes and accept it as the new norm. The pace of change that was experienced 20 years ago is definitely not what it’s like today. In just 2 years much can change. Business models are altered, customer focus is diverted and technology has taken another giant leap. Without this acceptance, you will fall behind and ultimately fail (think Eastman Kodak and Toys’R’Us). Make it a point to keep an open mindset that’s always looking for signs of evolution and how to do better business.

By incorporating these practices into your leadership style you’ll stay focused on your ambition to lead with resolve, align your talent to your purpose and goals and ensure your company is on track to success. Change is good, however, being indecisive and chaotic is catastrophic. Lead with resolve and you’ll prove to everyone your leadership has solid thinking behind it.