Once again we identify the reasons for failure, reasons why your employees feel isolated and the reasons why you’re not a good leader. Maybe YOU’RE the weak link in the company’s chain. I hope not. Here’s Part 2.

not a good leader


18. Fail to recognize employee milestones

  • Do you even know the birthdays of your employees, or their work anniversary?

19. Brag about your accomplishments

  • Your employees don’t care about your past accomplishments or plaques on your walls. Help them get their own awards and recognition

20. Belittle the accomplishments of others

21. Push your agenda above others

  • Just because you’re the boss doesn’t mean that your pet projects should come first

22. Fail to follow up or delay action on employee concerns

  • Are you always too busy to talk to your employees? Do they “bother” you with their questions? Maybe the problem is you instead of them

23. Allow your employees to work in a dirty or unsafe environment

  • Your office may be comfortable but what are the conditions for your workers? Do you even know how they work?

24. Hire quickly and fire slowly

  • A warm body with little experience won’t get the job done and only creates ill will. Then, when it’s proven the employee isn’t working out, you don’t do anything about it

25. Think you’re entitled to more than what your employees get

  • Maybe you should spend more time eating in the employee cafeteria than in the executive lunchroom. And that VIP parking spot you have? Is that really needed?

26. Don’t realize that your employees are your company’s best asset

  • As the saying goes – “take care of your employees and they will take care of your customers”

27. Think great customer service just happens naturally

  • Statements like “why are the customers complaining?” show how removed from the operation you are. What have you done to improve the customer service?

28. Lie or tell half-truths

  • Lying to your employees is the fastest way to lose respect

29. Expect what you don’t inspect

  • How do you expect things to get done as you wish if you don’t inspect the process?

30. Don’t realize when employee morale is poor

  • Why do you think the service scores are low, or productivity down? Don’t you notice the bad “body language”?

31. Leave your employees in the dark

  • Poor communication has ruined more businesses than most other factors. But, it’s so easy to fix. Make sure you keep your team informed

32. Think your decisions are always the best

  • Being the boss doesn’t make you wiser or mean that your employees are wrong. You consistently fail to take recommendations or advice from other managers. Maybe you should listen to them once and awhile

33. Don’t hold employees accountable

  • Mary comes in late all the time. Frank always seems to call out sick on Mondays. Susan productivity is always behind the others. What are you doing about it?

34. Micromanage

  • Why did you hire that manager if you don’t give him/her the authority to make decisions? Take the handcuffs off, get out of the way and let them do the job they were hired for

35. Think “good enough” is good enough.

  • Come on man, you’re better than that!

Can you now honestly say that none of these reasons apply to you?

If you’re truthful and willing to admit it, there must be a few of these 35 “reasons” that you are guilty of. Well, you now have a lot of work ahead of you. I know you can get better, just as you expect your employees to get better. You can do it.

Start becoming the leader you hope to be and your employees need you to be.

Let me know how you do, thanks.

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