Here are three words as to why you need a mentor. They may seem a little controversial, but please let me explain. Stay with me.

I’m going to take a few minutes and explain what I mean about each word and why they are important to you ,,, and to why you need a mentor.

A mentor can (and should) ask tough questions and hold you accountable

I’d like to assume that you already have at least one mentor and maybe multiple mentors.

I don’t want to use this article to explain what a mentor is because there are many articles out there on the Personal Branding Blog and in other places where you can find out what and why you want and need mentors. Here are two you can start with if you want a little more on mentors – Mentors and Inspirators – The Need for Both; and Mentors – Both Formal and Informal

The Three Words

  • Candor – a mentor will tell you like it is. They will give you unvarnished advice that you need to hear. That’s the number one thing a mentor can do for you. They might be your friend, but most important they are your mentor and they have your overall best interest at heart. When a mentor tells you something you should take it directly at face value and realize they’re sharing with you with full candor.
  • Stupor – a mentor can help snap you out of your stupor. It’s a simple as that. When you go to your mentor they are going to give you advice with candor turned on full (as mentioned in the word #1). And they are going to help you, inspire you, invigorate you to take action. A mentor will help snap you out of your stupor.
  • Inspirator – A mentor will help inspire you and help encourage you to do your best and be your best. This word is not a very commonly used word (and no I didn’t make it up). A little like a native American Spirit guide an inspiritor can help provide inspiration and guidance in ways you may not have imagined or envisioned. Look to your mentor to also be an inspiritor.

Is that all there is?

Of course not. A mentor can be so much more than just these three words. But, I chose these three words as signposts and places for you to use as touch points as you consider how to best work with your mentors. And note I said mentors in plural.

Ask your mentors:
Can you please help me with Candor, Stupor, and to be an Inspiritor?

You should, on a regular basis, seek to have multiple mentors that are helping you in different aspects of your life. You may have mentors that our father figures, and you may have mentors that are more related to what you do for business or other aspects of your life. The key point is to work with your mentors and to expect them to come at you with your best interest at heart.

Even though it may be hard to hear at times … they should have candor; be willing to help you step outside a stupor and to serve as an inspiritor.

Tell me a story

How have you worked with mentors in the past and even today.

  • Do they come at you with candor?
  • Have they helped snap you out of your stupor?
  • Have they served as an inspiritor?

Share your thoughts here and tell us a story.