It’s another New Year and  time to write your New Year’s resolutions. While some say that they don’t believe in New Year resolutions, I think it’s still a pretty nifty idea to start the year right with a set of goals. I decided to focus on the things you should let go off, so you can keep your eyes on a fresh start for the New Year. In no particular order, here are the things you can say good riddance to in 2013:

Obsolete Systems and technology 

Business Resolutions 2013

Are you unwittingly creating an inflexible system with all the red tape your workers have to go through just so they can resolve problems and come up with decisions?  Can you shorten the chain of command and give your workers more autonomy? This is something important to think about as inflexible systems and lack of autonomy are huge demotivators in any workplace.  Then there’s also the question of obsolete technology.  Are you still stuck on bulky fax machines and traditional telephony when other companies are already enjoying the conveniences and cost-savings of internet fax, hosted PBX, mobile devices and other modern gadgets? It may be time to update.

Underperformers and vampires

A friend was telling me about how their manager who was always getting on everybody’s nerves. But it wasn’t just his bad attitude that was putting everyone off in the office; it was also his penchant for taking cuts from his team’s sales even though he wasn’t doing anything to help the team.  Obviously, this puts a sour taste in everyone’s mouth. The big boss didn’t do anything about it though, because the manager had been working with the company for 20 years and because of other reasons nobody knew.  Just like a vampire, the manager was slowly draining away the energy of the other workers.   A few top employees resigned because of this injustice, leaving the company crippled in many departments.

Your situation may be a bit different, but you may be able to pinpoint some people who are slowly eating away at your company from the inside.  They may be like the manager I described or they may be people whose negativity and underperformance affect the others around them.  Don’t hesitate to let them go even if they’re in upper management.  In the end, the rewards of firing your underperformers and vampires will be worth it.

Obsessive-Compulsive tendencies

You know how you have to micromanage every little detail that even the small post-it notes colleagues leave for you don’t escape your scrutiny?  Well it’s time to let it go.  You can’t expect a busy office to be always spic and span. You can’t expect people to get along fabulously all the time.  What you can do is help resolve conflicts, set rules, and try to make everyone’s working life more pleasant. What you can also do is to delegate tasks to other people, help them step up, and free yourself for more important responsibilities.

The best way to start the year is to live a balanced life and let go of the unnecessary things and people the previous year.  What are you resolving to say good riddance to in 2013?  Sound off in the comments.

Happy New Year everyone!