About 2.7 billion professionals or 80% of the global workforce is made up of the deskless workforce. If employers are ignoring their deskless workers, then they need to be ready to battle massive losses in productivity share and additional costs incurred when having to replace disengaged workers who jump ship.

Managers must ensure their deskless employees are connected and motivated at the organization. Especially when 85% of deskless workers say the communication they receive on the job isn’t enough. Henry Albrecht, CEO of Limeade, went on to say, “Most remote workers feel totally disconnected from their corporate overlords.” Why is that?

  • They don’t work in a typical office setting and rarely visit the office, if at all
  • They have limited or no access to a computer
  • They don’t have a corporate email
  • They don’t receive proper training
  • They struggle to collaborate and communicate with peers
  • They can’t easily access company news and updates
  • They feel out of the loop
  • They aren’t engaged
  • They struggle to access vital documents and information on-the-go.

With all of the above in mind, why should you even bother to engage your deskless employees? For one, you can prevent harmful turnover, empower middle management, employee engagement gets a serious boost, easily foster a positive work environment, higher productivity and efficiency.

In order to reach and engage deskless workers, you need to be using the right solutions. That’s exactly what we highlight below.

1. Connecteam

Connecteam’s employee time clock app allows you to efficiently track work hours and comply with labor law so payroll processes are quick and efficient. Not to mention, Connecteam is easy to use, requires no training, and was specially designed for deskless employees.

It’s that much easier for you to clock in and out of shifts with a GPS location stamp, send automatic reminders to ensure employees are clocking in and out on time, utilize tags, shift attachments, and notes to know exactly how much time was allocated for each customer or the type of job, to manage and approve leave and time-off requests, and even export payroll sheets, per shift, or as a total.

Take advantage of the in-app features as well, like chat, employee directory, job scheduling, and more to really engage your deskless employees. For just $29/month for up to 200 users, your back pocket won’t feel the burden of efficient time tracking! Or you can even sign up for the free for life plan.

2. Google Forms and Spreadsheets

Everyone has heard of Google Forms and Spreadsheets so implementing this solution with your deskless employees is an easy and swift process. Google Forms makes it easy to plan and manage your business needs (such as tracking inventory or planning a company event), create a poll or quiz for training and onboarding, customer feedback forms, and much more. Choose from a pre-existing template so it’s that much easier and instant to add changes in order to suit your business needs.

All your employees can work on the same file as long as you send them an invite. On top of it all, Forms are responsive meaning it’s really easy to “make, edit, and respond” to the forms. In real-time, you can see changes made and can quickly respond.

3. Trell

Trello is a task management app that provides a visual overview of what your employees are working on. As far as easy and mobile task management tools go, Trello is very popular. Simply organize and prioritize tasks with boards, lists, and cards. Add attachments, comments, due dates, and more to each card and get a notification in real-time to understand where a project is going.

There are three pricing plans to choose from: Free, $9.99 per user/month, or $20.83 per user/month.

Connect Deskless Workers With Your Company

The deskless workers aren’t going anywhere any time soon, in fact, it looks like there will be even more going forward. With the three tools we outlined, you can easily save time and money while also increasing your employee’s productivity and engagement which only leads to more profit and happier customers.