If we were going to go back to the Entrepreneurship 101, we’d probably remember the table of characteristics which differentiates managers from leaders. If you want to make sure that you lead your team successfully, you need to be aware of how much words can affect the people around you. Words can either motivate your coworkers or it can drive a wedge between you and them and can make it much more difficult for you to connect with them when you need to. You also need to realize that the wrong phrases can make it difficult for you to motivate the people around you. Here are the three most widely talked about sentences you’d never hear a real leader say.

“I’m the Boss”

Even though the idea behind this approach is pretty self explanatory, lets quote the wise Game of thrones character Tywin Lannister: “Any man who says I am king is no true king”. Good leaders don’t have to tell people that they are in charge; their team members recognize it from their attitude, their expertise and their personality. It makes people feel that there is an established power structure that may put them at a disadvantage. It also makes people think that you are not willing to take any suggestions or recommendations that they may have, some of which may turn out to be very helpful. If you want to get people to recognize that you are the one in charge, let your expertise speak for itself rather than coming right out and saying it.

“I’ll deal with this myself”

Variations on this phrase include “I don’t like these plans; I’ll figure this out myself” and “I’ll just do it myself”. Using this phrase implies that you are overlooking the contributions your team can make to a project. This kind of attitude means that likely you will not be progressing far on the ladder of success. A good leader will allow other team members to collaborate either in person or via a project viewer program that will allow for digital collaboration.

“We have all the Ideas we need”

You never have all of the ideas that you need. Shutting down the brainstorming process by using this phrase may have a catastrophic effect on your team and the workplace in general. A good leader encourages collaboration either in person or through the use of mind mapping software that will allow team members to develop their ideas in a digital forum.

Being a good leader is partially a mix of training and potential. Good companies will ensure that individuals who have good leadership potential are nurtured so that they can go on to lead happy, healthy and productive teams in the workplace.