For most people, communication is a natural activity, something they do every day. However, there are many people who try their very best to avoid any form of communication with other people. You may think I’m talking about introverted people, and while introverts do tend to shy away from communication, they don’t always avoid it all-together.

The communication process can be difficult, and even scary, for some people. Nevertheless, communicate is very important. Here are three reasons to communicate.

1. To Better Relationships

During the beginning stages of dating, communication is a much needed tool for deepening your relationship. However, once complacency sets in, most people, usually men, stop trying so hard to communicate with their partner. This should not be. A relationship will die if there is no regular communication. Even a simple good morning or good night is worth mentioning. Most people think that communication in relationships should be saved for arguments, but most arguments could be avoided if there were communication in the beginning. Communication helps clear up any misconceptions that a person may have.

2. To Open Opportunities

Many people would be surprised at the opportunities they miss because they failed to communicate some type of information with other people. It must be noted that communication alone may not always open the door for opportunity. Some times, the right type of information must be communicated to open the door for opportunities. For example, you may be at a party chatting with a mutual friend. As you are getting to know this person, you exchange various facts about yourself. The mutual friend may process what you are telling him or her and recall something in their memory that will be beneficial to you, thus a new opportunity.

3. To Further Your Career

Effective communication can help anyone further their career. Talent and experience are two main factors of career advancement, but communication and relationships are two more very important aspects. As the old saying goes, “it’s not what you know; it’s who you know.”

Hopefully these three things will show you just how important communication is to daily life. The next step is to improve your communication skills.