Google is launching new AI-powered tools and features that will enhance its Workspace solution, an enterprise family of products such as Gmail, Docs, Calendar and Drive.

According to a blog post published this morning , Google is expanding its AI technology, which is already being used in various ways to increase user productivity.

The innovative nature of the new AI technology is the fact that it is generative AI. In other words, AI models generate content based on user prompts. This is AI similar to ChatGPT and is applied to Google’s services.

Features of Google’s Generative AI

Some of the Google-generated AI’s capabilities include summarizing long emails, creating presentations with information gleaned from Google Meet meetings, and drafting emails to send to colleagues or subordinates.

Alphabet (GOOG) has come up with some interesting use cases for Google Docs. For example, if you feed a summary of the content you want to write into the AI model, it will serve you a more detailed version of the document.

Another AI feature added by Google is the ability to change the tone and style from formal to casual, allowing you to fine-tune the language used in documents depending on the reader.

“You just type in a content topic and a draft is instantly generated. And you can revise and edit the draft in collaboration with AI,” Google explained.

The announcement comes just two days before Microsoft (MSFT), Google’s strongest competitor in the AI space, is holding an event called “The Future with AI” where it is expected to unveil an AI-powered version of its flagship software, Microsoft Office.

However, as with the launch of Bard, Alphabet is making these AI features available only to “Trusted Testers.” Bard is a Google search engine tool similar to ChatGPT.

Details about the release date and price of the new version of Google Workspace were not disclosed.

Is Alphabet’s Artificial Intelligence Solution Ready for Global Rollout?

One of the reasons Alphabet’s artificial intelligence solutions are difficult to deliver to everyone is that the infrastructure may not be ready to meet the surge in computing power demand resulting from the use of AI tools.

Microsoft has been planning ahead for years, investing hundreds of millions of dollars in building massive clusters of graphics processing units (GPUs) capable of handling the significant workloads demanded by its AI-powered solutions.

Satya Nadella, who leads Microsoft, has invested a considerable amount of time and resources into AI. Only the tip of the iceberg of Microsoft’s AI business, which has been prepared for a long time, has been revealed, and it is clear that Alphabet is embarrassed by Microsoft’s move.

It all started with Microsoft’s 2019 investment in OpenAI. Microsoft has built up experience with large-scale AI models in terms of infrastructure and other aspects, and has built the infrastructure before going to market.

It remains to be seen how Google will solve its infrastructure problems. The AI race has already begun and the frontrunners are clear.

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