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Recently, the news of the listing on the CEX (Central Exchange) has been announced, and the move of Lucky Block, which is on the rise, is unusual. Lucky Block was first listed on the Lbank exchange and will soon be listed on the MEXC exchange as well. The change of Lucky Block, which has been listed only on decentralized exchanges (DEX), is thanks to the newly upgraded LBLOCK V2. Lucky Block is foreshadowing that it will be listed on more central exchanges along with the homepage reorganization.


Lucky Block MEXC listing imminent – current price trend

Listing on the central exchange has a positive effect on the coin’s behavior in many ways. You are already familiar with the advantages of decentralized exchanges. Nevertheless, it is also true that the majority of investors still prefer centralized exchanges due to safety and convenience issues. With the advancement of the central exchange, where more investors are waiting, the price of Lucky Block continues to rise.


Lucky Block Chart


Currently, Lucky Block is at $0.001405, which is an 18% increase from yesterday. Trading volume also increased. The current trading volume is $686,062, which is a 77.88% increase on a 24 hour basis.


Currently, LuckyBlock’s market cap is $57,751,575, which is a whopping $10 million increase over the past 12 hours.


Also, 5 hours ago from now, it will hit the high of 0.001582.


Could it cross the $1 billion market cap?

Along with the recent news of Lucky Block’s high-altitude march, investors are full of questions about whether the market capitalization will exceed 1 billion dollars during this CEX listing period. This goal would require a growth rate of 20x by current standards. Seeing as how quickly it raised $10 million in the last 12 hours, it actually seems to have some potential.


In particular, interest in this coin is focused from the entire community. Looking at the record of rapidly rising by more than 3,000% at the time of the first decentralized exchange release after the pre-sale, a surprising rise is also expected in this event comparable to the listing on the central exchange. We should also remember that the last high was around $0.01.


Among professional investors , there is also an optimistic view that the price of Lucky Block will rise to $0.0039 at the end of 2022, forming a support level of $0.0015 . These optimistic analysts expect it to soar to $0.01 in 2023, reaching its previous high. Given that it has already reached $0.0015 today at a time when it has not yet been listed on the MEXC exchange, this scenario seems convincing to some extent.


This could partly answer the question of a $1 billion market cap.


What is Lucky Block?

Lucky Block is a platform that provides various fun and prizes to users. Anyone in the world can participate in this event through NFTs issued by Lucky Block. Also, if you win the event, you will be rewarded with LBLOCK.


If you have Lucky Block’s NFT, you will automatically participate in the Platinum event, and the reward for this season is a Lamborghini car. In addition, various rewards worth one million dollars are prepared.

Lucky Block NFT

Lucky Block appeared at the beginning of this year, and from the pre-sale, it will receive full support from overseas coin communities. When the pre-sale ended and it was first listed on the DEX exchange, it recorded a price increase of over 3,000% compared to the pre-sale price. Currently, the value has decreased somewhat along with the coin market downturn, but it is on the rise once again with the news of the recent version 2 upgrade and listing on the CEX exchange.


Now, the listing on the MEXC Exchange on August 1st is just around the corner. MEXC Exchange is a large exchange with 7 million users. Through this listing, more Lucky Block investors are expected to increase the price as well.

Cryptocurrency is an investment product with no major restrictions on volatility.




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Cryptocurrency is an investment product with no major restrictions on volatility.