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STEPN is a unique web3 lifestyle application that combines Game-Fi and Social-Fi features . In addition, if you have STEPN’s NFT sneakers, you will receive rewards while maintaining your health through walking, jogging or running.

The app rewards users for their workouts with Green Satoshi Tokens (GST), which can be used in-game or cashed out. From a Social-Pie perspective, STEPN provides users with services to create their own Web 3.0 content. Next, we look at the STEPN Genesis NFT airdrop.

STEPN Genesis NFT airdrop, who is eligible?

STEPN announced the upcoming STEPN Genesis NFT airdrop, “STEPN New Horizon Initiative”. The event pays users rare NFTs and GMT, a governance token.

The event target is Genesis sneaker NFT holders. At the time of the event, those who have put their sneakers on the Marketplace or have them in other accounts are not eligible.

The airdrop will be held in a few days, common sneaker holders will receive 4,000 GMT, uncommon 8,000 GMT, rare 16,000 GMT and epic 32,000 GMT receive It is too early to be disappointed even if you are not the target of the STEPN Genesis NFT airdrop. There are alternatives to participating in the Move to One fitness app ecosystem.

Fight Out (FGHT): STEPN Genesis NFT Airdrop Alternative

Now is the digital age. The burgeoning popularity of apps that combine Web3 technology with Move-to-Earn (M2E) elements is revolutionizing the traditional fitness industry. According to the report, the fitness app market was valued at $5.1 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $15.2 billion by 2028 . It is an analysis that these figures have been made possible by innovations in technologies such as the popularization of smartphones, augmented reality, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

However, challenges remain, such as poor network (internet signal) in some areas, security issues, and user concerns about privacy.

Fight Out is a unique M2E fitness app with advanced web3 technology, a growing community, and secure blockchain rewards.

Fight Out’s app and gym chain features personalized training plans, workout incentives, innovative technology, and a global community of fitness enthusiasts to motivate users.

Cryptocurrency is an investment product with no major restrictions on volatility.

Fight Out, an existing move to fitness app and gym innovation

Many gyms experience a 50% drop in membership within six months. In most cases, lack of motivation is the main reason, but the lack of guidelines to prevent muscle imbalances and joint problems is also a big reason.

The sedentary lifestyle of modern people contributes to an increase in health problems such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

Fight Out’s unique fitness profile and reward scheme

Fight Out’s innovative fitness app takes a holistic approach to fitness, focusing on strength and cardio as well as overall health. The Fight Out app features a soulbound NFT avatar that is permanently linked to the user and serves as a fitness profile.

Working out at the gym or at home earns REPS tokens that can be used to purchase app discounts, gym memberships, personal training sessions, and even sports apparel. Besides, there is also an opportunity to compete with other users for additional tokens.

Investors’ interest in Fight Out’s pre-sale rises

The innovative Fight Out app combines real-time momentum tracking, competition, and the $FGHT altcoin to excite investors. Through the Fight Out app, you can monitor your workout progress through NFT avatars and pursue a healthy life while engaging in meaningful competition with others.

If you missed the STEPN Genesis NFT airdrop, we recommend Fight Out’s $FGHT token pre-sale. The Fight Out presale has already been successful, raising over $4.39 million.

In addition, we are offering bonus tokens of up to 50%. In addition, Fight Out has been listed on LBank, BKEX, BitForex and soon announced that it will also be listed on

Cryptocurrency is an investment product with no major restrictions on volatility.

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파이트아웃(FightOut) - 100배 성장이 기대되는 무브 투 언(M2E) 코인

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