Investors who have a nest egg of half a million dollars need to know how to invest that money for the long term. $500k can enable investors to live on investment income, provide for a well-cushioned retirement, or even pass on money to their descendants.

In this guide, we’ll explain the best way to invest $500k in 2022 and teach investors how to build a diversified portfolio. Read on to learn how to invest $500k today!

10 Best Ways to Invest $500k in 2022

With $500k to invest, investors have a lot of different options for putting their money to work. For investors asking the question, “What can I invest in with $500k?” these are the 10 best ways to invest $500k today and start building a diversified portfolio:

  • Top Crypto Projects – Invest in Explosive New Crypto Projects like Tamadoge
  • Stocks – Invest in Individual Growth, Value, and Dividend Companies
  • Real Estate – Invest in a House or Start a Rental Business
  • Index Funds – Match the Performance of the S&P 500
  • NFTs – Collect One-of-a-kind Digital Artworks
  • ETFs – Focus on Themes like 5G, Space & More
  • REITs – Take a Stake in Commercial Real Estate
  • Bond Funds – Safe Investment in Government & Corporate Debt
  • Copy Trading – Actively Trade by Mimicking Experienced Traders
  • Crypto Interest Accounts – Put Crypto to Work by Earning Interest

A Closer Look at the Best Ways to Invest $500,000

Choosing what to invest $500k with comes down to understanding the benefits and drawbacks of each potential investment. So, we’ll take a closer look at the 10 best $500k investments and explain why investors might want to include them in their portfolios.

1. Top Crypto Projects – Invest in Explosive New Crypto Projects like Tamadoge

Cryptocurrency is a relatively new asset class, but a growing number of investors are choosing to include digital currencies in their portfolios. This is especially true of large investors, who see crypto as a suitable way to diversify away from more traditional assets like stocks.

There are thousands of popular crypto projects to choose from, from established market leaders like Bitcoin and Ethereum to emerging cryptocurrencies that are just getting off the ground. One benefit to investing in crypto projects is that all of these different cryptocurrencies have different pros and cons, so investors can build a diversified portfolio within this broad asset class.

Among new crypto projects, investors may want to take a look at Tamadoge and Battle Infinity. Both are play-to-earn crypto games that allow users to earn cryptocurrency as they participate in the ecosystem.

tamadoge ico

Tamadoge in particular stands out as one of the best ways to invest $500k because this cryptocurrency is deflationary. As users spend TAMA, the native cryptocurrency of Tamadoge, on in-game upgrades and NFTs, 5% of the tokens used for each transaction are removed from circulation and burned. This means that the more people that use TAMA, the faster coins are removed from circulation. Eventually, demand could outstrip supply, which would be expected to send the price of TAMA higher.

Tamadoge has seen early success already. It’s in the midst of one of the best crypto presales of 2022 and has raised more than $13.5 million through TAMA sales. The project just released its final 20% of presale tokens, so investors still have a chance to get the best possible price on TAMA. Thankfully, Tamadoge makes the purchase process simple and even offers phone support to help first-time crypto investors buy TAMA.

For investors who think that crypto represents an avenue for future growth, Tamadoge is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies available right now. Check out the Tamadoge presale to buy TAMA today.


2. Stocks – Invest in Individual Growth, Value, and Dividend Companies

Stocks are among the most popular investments in the world and are a part of almost every major investor’s portfolios. Investing in stocks enables investors to pick companies that they believe in and benefit as their businesses grow.

When investing in stocks, there are 3 different types of stocks investors can look for. Growth stocks belong to companies that are experiencing rapid earnings growth and that are expected to continue to keep growing quickly for years to come. Many of the best tech stocks are growth stocks.

eToro Stocks

Value stocks belong to more established companies that have strong, reliable business models. They may not be growing as quickly as growth stocks, but value stocks can deliver steady returns to investors over time.

Dividend stocks make payments, usually in cash, to investors. Dividend stocks are worth considering as the best way to invest $500k for income, since the cash from dividends can be used to cover everyday expenses without liquidating other investments.

Investors will need a stock broker in order to buy and sell stock shares. Check out eToro, which offers 0% commission on stock trades and offers shares from the US and markets around the world.

3. Real Estate – Invest in a House or Start a Rental Business

Real estate can be a suitable option for investing $500k because the real estate market is largely uncorrelated to the stock market. That means that if investors hold both stocks and real estate, they may find that real estate values remain high even when the stock market drops. This is especially valuable for investors who need to sell assets on a regular basis for income.

Investing in real estate can also be used to generate steady income. Many investors purchase investment homes, which they can then rent out throughout the year or as vacation rentals. While this requires some work – renting a home is like running a business – it offers a way to diversify income sources and make money from property beyond just price appreciation.

Keep in mind when investing in real estate that it’s less liquid than stocks or cryptocurrencies. If an investor wants to sell a house, for example, the process could take months instead of minutes. So, real estate is typically not the best way to invest $500k short-term.

4. Index Funds – Match the Performance of the S&P 500

Index funds are widely considered to be a relatively safe, low cost, and low-effort investment. Index funds are designed to mimic the holdings of major stock indices like the S&P 500 or the NASDAQ 100. So, when an investor holds an S&P 500 fund, their investment performance matches the performance of the 500 largest stocks on the US market.

Index funds typically have management fees of 0.25% or less, making them potentially attractive for investors who are wary of high fees. Historically, index funds have outperformed most individual investors who try to beat the market by investing in individual stocks. Many financial advisors say that index funds are the best place to invest $500k.

Investors will need a stock broker like eToro in order to buy and sell index funds. eToro offers index funds for the major US and European stock markets with 0% commission.

5. NFTs – Collect One-of-a-kind Digital Artworks

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital creations that have proven to be very popular among art collectors and investors. NFTs can be one-of-a-kind digital artworks that appreciate in value just like traditional art. In addition, they can also serve as digital passes to exclusive clubs and benefits, giving them some attributes that traditional art investments don’t offer.

The NFT market can be volatile compared to the traditional art market, so it’s most suitable for investors who have a stomach for ups and downs. However, the market as a whole has grown tremendously in value over the past several years and many experts are optimistic about the future of NFTs.

NFT Launchpad

One of the best NFTs to consider as a $500k investment is the Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club NFT. This NFT offers investors a 1-in-10,000 chance to win $10,000 every single day. Investors can also lease out their Lucky Block NFTs to generate steady income. Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club NFTs are currently available for sale on the LaunchPad NFT marketplace.

6. ETFs – Focus on Themes like 5G, Space & More

ETFs, or exchange-traded funds, are baskets of stocks that investors can purchase just like individual stocks.

The benefit of investing in ETFs is that they enable investors to build a diversified stock portfolio in a single trade or invest in specific market sectors or themes. Some of the most exciting ETFs today focus on themes like 5G stocks, blockchain stocks, and even space stocks.

eToro ETFs

ETFs are managed investments, so they do come with some fees. These can range from less than 0.25% of the amount invested per year to 1-2% per year depending on whether stocks in the ETF are actively traded. Investors may want to stay away from ETFs with fees over 1%, as these fees can take a lot of money out of a $500k investment.

Investors can buy and sell top ETFs through most major brokerages. eToro offers 0% commission trading on hundreds of US ETFs.

7. REITs – Take a Stake in Commercial Real Estate

REITs, or real estate investment trusts, are companies that buy and manage real estate. Investing in REITs is one of the best ways to get exposure to the real estate market without buying property directly.

There are many different types of REITs for investors to choose from. Residential REITs invest in single-family homes and apartment buildings and make money by renting them out. Commercial REITs may develop or buy commercial properties, which they can rent out to retailers, professional offices, and other businesses. There are even REITs that invest in farmland or industrial properties.

Most REITs pay dividends to investors, making them a suitable investment for income generation. Keep in mind that the price of REITs can go up and down as the price of real estate changes. So, while REITs trade on the stock market, they don’t always move in tandem with the broader stock market.

Investors can buy and sell a variety of popular REITs through stock brokers like eToro.

8. Bond Funds – Safe Investment in Government & Corporate Debt

Bonds are I.O.U. notes that governments and companies issue when they want to raise money. Individuals and financial firms can buy bonds, giving the issuer money. In return, they receive regular interest payments on the loaned money and their entire bond payment back at the end of the bond’s term.

Bonds are widely considered to be one of the safest $500k investments. Investors who want to know how to invest $500k to make $1 million probably shouldn’t look to bonds, as they typically have returns of only a few percent per year. However, for investors who want to protect their nest egg or want a low-risk alternative to stocks, bonds can be a worthwhile investment.

One of the most popular ways to invest in bonds is through bond funds, including mutual funds and ETFs. Bond funds purchase bonds from a wide variety of governments and companies, creating a portfolio of interest payments and risk profiles. Bond funds usually have low management fees as well.

Investors can purchase bond funds through most brokers that offer ETFs, including eToro.

9. Copy Trading – Actively Trade by Mimicking Experienced Traders

Copy trading platforms enable investors to actively trade stocks, cryptocurrencies, and other assets by mimicking the moves of more experienced traders. This can be a suitable way for new investors or investors who don’t have a lot of time to study the market to try to beat the returns offered by passive investing.

Copy trading platforms like eToro allow investors to see what positions a trade has taken in the past and how they’ve performed. Investors can start copy trading with as little as $200, so someone with $500k to invest can follow multiple copy traders.

etoro copy trading

Importantly, copy trading can be used to diversify into asset classes that investors may not be comfortable navigating themselves. For example, investors can use copy trading to dive into forex trading or commodities trading. They can also copy long-term investors who have diversified portfolios that have outperformed the market in recent years.

10. Crypto Interest Accounts – Put Crypto to Work by Earning Interest

Crypto interest accounts are somewhat like savings accounts for cryptocurrencies. Investors who hold cryptocurrencies can lock up their tokens for a period of time and earn interest on them in return. Some crypto interest accounts enable investors to claim their tokens back at any time, making this a relatively flexible investment option.

The benefit of a crypto interest account over a traditional savings account is that the interest rates can be much higher. For example, Quint, one of the top crypto interest platforms, offers interest rates up to 39.08% APY when investors stake QUINT and BNB. Investors can also earn interest on multiple different cryptocurrencies, enabling them to create a portfolio of interest rates.

Quint Crypto Staking

Investors should keep in mind that crypto interest accounts are not regulated like traditional savings accounts and are not subject to the same government protections. So, it’s important to choose a trustworthy and secure crypto interest platform.

How to Choose the Best $500k Investments for You

The best way to invest $500k will likely involve building a diversified portfolio that uses a combination of the investments we reviewed above. In this part of our guide, we’ll help investors decide how to invest $500,000 in the way that’s best suited to their needs.


Diversification is important for investing any amount of money, but it’s especially important when deciding what to invest in with $500k. Diversification means spreading investments across different asset classes (like stocks, cryptocurrencies, real estate, and more), market sectors, countries, risk levels, and return potentials.

In general, the more diversified a portfolio is, the better it will stand up to market downturns. As an example, if the stock market crashes, a portfolio that includes 100% stocks will suffer dramatically. But a portfolio that is 25% stocks, 25% crypto, 25% real estate, and 25% bonds is likely to fare much better.

Put simply, a big part of learning how to invest $500k is learning how to diversify.

Risk Tolerance

All investing involves risk, but not all investments are equally risky. When choosing how to invest $500k, it’s important for investors to think carefully about how much risk they’re willing to take on and how much of their portfolio can be invested in high-risk assets.

There’s no right answer for every investor when it comes to thinking about risk. Young, aggressive investors may be willing to put half or more of a $500k portfolio in relatively risky investments like individual stocks and cryptocurrencies. Older investors who rely on their $500k portfolio for retirement income may be much less willing to take on risk. These investors may invest 10% or less of their portfolio in asset classes like stocks and crypto.

Keep in mind that risk and returns often go hand-in-hand. Higher risk investments usually offer higher potential returns. Lower risk investments usually deliver lower returns. Investors should also keep in mind that just because an asset class is widely considered low-risk – for example, bonds – individual investments within that asset class can still be quite risky.

Income Investing

Investors in search of the best way to invest $500k for income may want to consider investments that deliver steady cash returns. Some examples of assets that offer cash payments include dividend stocks, dividend-paying REITs, and bonds.

Generating steady income from investments is important because it enables investors to have cash flow. Investors can use cash from dividends to cover everyday expenses without having to sell off their investments.

When investing for income, keep in mind that dividends aren’t everything. If a dividend stock loses value, for example, that depreciation may offset any dividends the stock paid out. It’s important to balance income, growth, and value when choosing investments.

How to Invest $500k – Tamadoge Tutorial

Ready to get started with the best way to invest $500,000 in 2022? We’ll walk investors through how to buy TAMA during the Tamadoge presale. This is one of the best emerging cryptocurrencies right now.

Step 1: Download a Crypto Wallet

Investors will need a crypto wallet in order to buy TAMA during the Tamadoge presale. There are dozens of top crypto wallets to choose from, including MetaMask. MetaMask offers top-notch security and works on most major web browsers. Simply head to the MetaMask website and download the wallet.

Step 2: Connect to Tamadoge

Visit the Tamadoge presale platform and click Connect Wallet. Add the MetaMask wallet to the Tamadoge platform.

Step 3: Buy TAMA

Investors can buy TAMA with Tether or Ethereum, and they can purchase either directly through the Tamadoge presale with a credit card. Simply enter the amount of TAMA to purchase and Tamadoge will handle the necessary conversions.

Tamadoge Presale Sep 9 2022

Step 4: Claim TAMA

Tamadoge will release all purchased TAMA tokens at the conclusion of the presale. Once the presale ends, investors can reconnect their wallets to the Tamadoge platform to claim their tokens.

Where to Invest $500k – the Best Option?

For investors deciding what to invest $500k in, there are a lot of promising options. Based on our research, the TAMA cryptocurrency token from Tamadoge is among the best.

TAMA is a deflationary cryptocurrency that could potentially rise sharply in value as more users join the Tamadoge play-to-earn crypto game. TAMA’s tokenomics are relatively unique and have proven attractive to investors, who have already put more than $13.5 million into the Tamadoge presale.

TAMA is available at presale prices for a limited time only. Investors can check out the Tamadoge presale today to buy TAMA and invest in one of the most promising new crypto projects.


For investors with $500k to invest in the market, it’s important to build a diversified portfolio with many different assets. These can include cryptocurrency projects, stocks, ETFs, real estate, bonds, and more. Investors in search of where to invest $500,000 right now can also check out Tamadoge and get the best price on TAMA while the presale lasts!

Tamadoge - The Play to Earn Dogecoin

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