During a typical day, people see thousands of advertisements- whether in real life or online. Since digital advertising properties have grown, it’s been a long standing debate about how to measure its success. From click-through-rates to impressions, measuring advertising ROI usually depends on budget, goals and placement.

Historically, traditional advertising metrics (billboards, TV, and print) have been based on assumptions and out-of-the-box tactics to measure success. However, with the growth of social media and hashtags, brands have been discovering ways to measure and convert consumers who use the hashtags they see anywhere, within social media. How? By usingactivatedhashtags they are now able to allow consumer action instead of just being the glue that holds together a large conversation.

Acquire metrics from Actiontags including:

•Activating #hashtags for instant participation & purchase

•Acquiring customer data in return for premium social content

•Driving social conversion from TV, Events and in-Store media

How it works:


A recently launched campaign was a Time’s Square Billboard activation for pop star, Ariana Grande. During her hosting appearance during “Total Ariana Live,” the star gave access to her first single from her newest album My Everything. She used a billboard, social media and her appearance on television to promote how her fans could get access. Since you can’t click on a link from a billboard or TV, they instead displayed #NowPlaying #TotalArianaLive. When fans tweeted the hashtags, Chirpify automated the artist account response with the link to her new song instantly.

ValueBecause Ariana was promoting this across several different platforms, Actiontags allowed her fans to see a call-to-action and get instant “product” and gratification.

In order to use social media to bridge the gap between social followers and participating customers, there are three questions the brand needs to ask themselves:

  • ROI Focus: Do you want to drive direct commerce? Collect customer profile info for CRM?
  • Activation Points: Do you want to run a social only campaign or create cross-channel opportunities?
  • Incentives: What do you have for the consumer who participates with your brand? Exclusive access? Prizes? Coupons? 

Stay tuned for part two & three of this series as I will share more examples of brands taking advantage of cross-channel conversion opportunities. To learn more, sign up for the webinar: “Leverage Social Media for Cross-Channel Marketing Conversion” here!