Digital marketing is the epitome of every modern business. Achieving a goal through the means presented by web tools, an online strategy often requires the coherence of a message throughout social media, email marketing and a website strategy. Yet, in most cases, due to the specialization of experts within a certain spectrum of the digital marketing space, businesses are left with segregated online presence.

Today, it’s common to see a brand have astounding social media pages, while its website is left with an age-old design. A diverse and active email subscriber list with little to no engagement on social media is also not that rare.

For digital marketing agencies that are given a permission to run all online presence operations of a company, integrating the existing strategies through a coherent content funnel is often the most difficult task.

10 Ideas To Help You Integrate Email Marketing With Social Media

With that in mind, we decided to create this list with 10 of the most helpful tips we could find on how to integrate email marketing with a social media strategy to increase conversion and engagement, achieving the best results for your clients. Without further adieu, let’s get started.

#1 – Deliver the Shareability Straight to the Inbox

The purpose of a newsletter is to deliver the best actionable content that might result in potential conversion. Thus, before you start thinking about the content and the extent to which you should focus on coherence, the focus should instead be on the design. There are a ton of different email design templates that are perfect for a social media strategy.

But in most cases, they don’t allow the customer to directly share the content on social media. Thus, make sure that your newsletter features actionable social media buttons presented in a neat matter. Just don’t forget that a cluster of over a dozen different social media sharing buttons might harm your engagement. And this leads us to our second tip.

#2 – Be Sleek and Modern in Your Design

Email newsletters have come along way since the days that they were just text with a few blue, underlined hyperlinks. A visual, sleek and modern design should be a first priority when choosing your set of email newsletter templates.

And if you end up designing your own, that’s even better! Just remember to stay consistent with the brand image that is found on your client’s social media profiles.

#3 – Keep the Content (and Voice) Relevant

More often than not you’d find yourself running multiple social media campaigns alongside a different email marketing one. Whether or not this is the case, don’t forget to keep the content and the voice of said content relevant. Despite both means of customer interaction being different in many ways, you’d have to be able to retain a similarity between the marketing messages that you are sending out.

For example, you might be using a ton of internet memes to drive up engagement of a Facebook page that won’t fit an email campaign. Yet, if you send out multiple newsletters that don’t acknowledge the meme-culture and humor in any way, a customer might end up being uncertain about the ideals of the brand represented through both campaigns.

Relevant Content

#4 – Request an Immediate Response

One of the best ways to ensure the success of an email marketing campaign is to issue urgency. By requesting an immediate response from the audience, you’d also be able to drive up social media interaction. And don’t jump to conclusions that we are telling you to use every fluffed up marketing word in your dictionary as your calls-to-action. Instead, try to be subtle in your messaging, by resorting to humanizing messaging. (i.e. instead of “These are the last 24 hours of this offer. Click now!” try “You don’t want to miss out on this offer! Only 24 hours ’till it’s gone!)


#5 – Responsiveness through Emojis

Don’t neglect the power of the emoji in social media. Mobile traffic is becoming the top source of online traffic. This means that more often than not, your customers will be reading their emails on a mobile device. With that in mind, make sure to deliver content that they are familiar with.

While not the best choice for every industry or newsletter, using emojis every now and then might drive up your conversion. Plus, while it’s but a far-fetched idea, an email that greets the user with an emoji might light up the social media neurons of a customer, resulting in a better chance for an immediate response on other networks.


#6 – Newsletter Incentives via Giveaways

If you are planning to do a giveaway, make sure to incentivize your email subscribers to follow your social media profiles. Investing a percent of your advertisement resources into regular giveaways is a great way to boost both your newsletter subscriber count and social media audience. Just make sure that the giveaways are relevant in attracting your target audience group. For example, if you are a fashion brand, make sure to create a fashion-related giveaway.

#7 – Free Newsletter Gift Advertised on Social Media

One of the tried and true methods of increasing the newsletter subscriber count for your email marketing campaigns is via a free gift for active subscribers. Usually, this is done via giving access to special content, usually in the form of a free ebook. If you have such a gift, make sure that it is regularly advertised on your social media profiles.

#8 – Actionable Social Media Buttons for Subscription to your Email Newsletter

Facebook allows you to create actionable social media buttons on your page. If you don’t use the button for another action, such as to link to your ecommerce website, make sure to create one to prompt people to subscribe to your newsletter. This can also be done within your social media paid advertising campaign.

When doing so, make sure that you are still able to meet all of your marketing goals for each single campaign. The actionable Facebook button is a great feature that can help you out in multiple ways within your overall digital marketing campaign, thus don’t use it on your email newsletter, unless this is the correct choice for your current campaign.

A good tip would be to also pin a tweet to your Twitter profile that includes a link where people can subscribe to your newsletter. You can also link it in your Instagram profile info.


#9 – Constant email Reminders for your Social Media Presence

A great way to boost your social media following, if you have a big subscriber base is to integrate reminders within your newsletter to pinpoint to your social media profiles. This can be done in multiple ways, but one of the best ways to do so without harming your content consistency is through a top post suggestion.

#10 – Be Creative with your Content

Last, but not least, you should aim to be as creative as possible with your content. And we are not talking about industry-specific. Simply try to implement teaser-based reminders within your content that allow people to learn more about your other ongoing digital marketing campaigns. This can be anything from a “You’ll never guess what video went viral on your Facebook page” link within your newsletter, to a “our newsletter subscribers received a special offer, don’t miss out!’ post on your social media feed.

For example, if you are doing a Facebook Live Q’n’A with your audience, make sure to notice your newsletter. Yet, instead of simply promoting it, include it in an answer. Say to your Facebook audience that the answer to the question is closely related to a topic that was recently included in your newsletter. Tease as much as possible, but do it in a creative and non-intrusive way that doesn’t harm your brand message.


The Funnel Should Always Lead to End Results

Don’t forget the end goal of your client. Both an email marketing campaign and social media management have a certain end goal. Whether this is brand reach, conversion or something alongside the spectrum of marketing, make sure that you are keeping track of your traffic funnels.

Do try to connect the email traffic with the social media profiles of a client, but make sure to avoid harming the website strategy. Ultimately, whether achieved through email or through social media, tangible results are always the best way to prove the marketing worth of the digital world to a client.