Instagram influencers provide a high ROI for your marketing programs

Instagram_influencer_photoInfluencer marketing is becoming an indispensable aspect of any successful social media marketing program. Now, two studies from both Burst Media and Tomoson have further supported their value. The two separate surveys found that influencer campaigns returned over “$6.50 in earned media value for every $1.00 of paid media”. Owned, earned and paid media should be used to compliment and support each other for effective social media marketing. As these surveys indicate, leveraging influencers is a smart way to do this.

Both Burst Media and Tomoson found that not only were marketers planning on increasing their spend on influencer marketing, Instagram was one of the most effective platforms for these initiatives. This makes sense, given the success that brands have seen with Instagram influencer marketing.

But why are these influencer marketing programs on Instagram so successful and what can you do to best leverage influencers on Instagram? We’ll outline all of that for you here.

Why is influencer marketing so valuable on Instagram?

Influencers create valuable content

When you tap influencers for your Instagram marketing, not only do they help promote your campaign, they also help create visual content assets for your brand to use in future campaigns. This is especially valuable when you’re working with an Instagram influencer network like Snapfluence. They will help brands and agencies recruit influencers who can create content that will align with the brand and manage the influencer’s content creation to speak to the campaign’s focus.

Influencers reach more people

These influencers will get your brand in front of more people who previously wouldn’t have been exposed to it. This increased reach is one of the answers to the question, ‘how to grow your following on Instagram’. The influencers that you tap are already talking to your target audience so they can bring your brand into that conversation. When you’re properly aligned with influencers who can authentically speak to your brand, they can promote it to their followers, making the investment valuable for your Instagram marketing.

Influencers reach the right people

The main benefit of this increased reach is in the alignment. What makes influencer marketing so valuable is that you can identify the content creators who are sharing to your ideal consumers. One of the most important steps of planning any influencer campaign is mapping the influencers who can speak to those consumers. This targeting that the influencers provide is one aspect of why 51% of marketers surveyed said influencer marketing results in “better” customers.

Influencers reach the right people the right way

Another reason why this engagement and targeting is so effective is because it is authentic. Customers aren’t looking to be targeted with more ads but they have self selected to follow these influential ‘tastemakers’ to see what they have to share. 92% of customers trust word of mouth over other forms of marketing. When you’re using influencers who are aligned with your brand you can benefit from this trust. Authenticity between the influencers and your brand promotion comes from their followers’ expectations. Consumers follow these Instagrammers in part because they expect some recommendations. When your specific promotion fits within that expectation, you’ll see amazing results.

Why you should invest in influencer marketing on Instagram

Instagram influencers provide a high ROI on social media marketing campaigns so marketers are investing more in it. When planning your next campaign, consider influencers as a way to promote the campaign and increase its value. There are plenty of marketers who have already found success with these tactics.