Instagram has surpassed 800 million active users as the Social Media platform has become a must-have for promoting your brand or business. I put together some of the best hacks from the experts to accelerate your account growth to reach more potential customers.

1) Use a DSLR to capture quality content for both photography and videos

My Instagram tip is to get a DSLR camera in order to create your own quality content. We I built our following for our brand organically by posting seemingly professional photos and only reposting photos that are congruent to the brand.

Jules, Founder, and CEO of Deco Miami Cosmetics

2) Ask customers to take photos of the product and tag the company in the photos

Our main tactic we use to grow our Instagram following is to ask our customers to take photos of our product and tag our company in the photos. It’s a very simple task that requires little effort but provides big results.

By getting your products onto your customers Instagram feeds is a great trusted endorsement as their friends / followers will see it and trust their opinion as this method is great for growing a brand, product or service.

It’s more genuine than influencer marketing where payment for promotion is involved as this is a natural endorsement which holds more wieght. I always ask customers to tag the product by including a leaflet inside the package they receive and also on their order confirmation email to gain braoder brand exposure.

Adam Watson
Hollywood Mirrors

3) Show the result

Instagram is visual as I’d like to show before and afters of my patients in order to showcase my work and possible patient outcomes so they know what to expect. As a result I often have new patients come in with photos from my Instagram feed as inspiration for what they are looking for in terms of aesthetic outcomes.

Dr. Philip J. Miller, Facial Plastic Surgeon in NYC

4) Tips for animals in particular

We like to have fun and while showing off our brand’s personality so people feel vested in what we have to offer. Although we enjoy posting on instagram we’re very disciplined by testing and using the correct hashtags, track the best posting times and keeping the images consistent across all posts. We also will share our clients stories as well.

Colleen Wilson, Pets OnQ

5) Earn new followers and business through personal endorsements

An effective Instagram strategy we use to grow our audience is leveraging our target consumers’ personal network to advertise and build brand awareness for us. We incentivize our customers to share our product on their personal Instagram accounts, which allows us to tap into their network of friends and family, effectively amplifying our branding efforts – further helping us earning new followers and business through these personal endorsements.

Matt Edstrom, Head of Marketing

6) Share success stories

We’re a newer company in an extremely competitive market as we like to celebrate any wins with our followers such as a phsyical transformation or even simply a moderate result such shedding a few pounds. We don’t like to edit our submissions in order to keep them genuine.

Sean Kelly, Rari Nutrition,

7) Use other forms of content on Instagram

I share the audio from my podcasts on Instagram on my posts as well as story. By having a different form of cotnent, in this case audio, it provides an alternative then looking at pictures all day. Now with the link feature, I’m not only growing my account, but also attracting traffic to my website.

Jeremy Ryan Slate, Podcaster,

So regardless of whatever industry you are in Instagram is a valuable tool for promotion as these hacks can quickly accelerate the growth of your account.