Instagram seems to be a hit these days, but it can be a challenging platform for marketers to incorporate into an integrated mix. We’ve identified the top Instagram marketing tools to address a broad range of activities and issues that marketers typically encounter on this platform. These apps not only help project an image of competence, they can provide you with useful analytic insight.

Top Instagram Marketing Tools

  1. Instagram marketing toolsPiktoria is actually a suite of powerful management tools for both Instagram and Pinterest. This app helps discover hashtags, locations and brands to find trending content. A scheduler enables publishing content at the most opportune time to expand your audience reach. Detailed analytics are also provided, enabling users to monitor the growth of their account, as well as their competitors and influencers. It’s one of the best Instagram marketing tools you definitely need to have it in your toolkit.
  2. To give your images an appealing and consistently professional look, consider A Color Story. In addition to having numerous filters, effects and tools, this app lets you save all your editing steps, thereby creating your own unique custom filter. Unlike Instagram’s model of filtering, A Color Story allows you to layer various filters to really make your photos come alive. The possibilities are infinite, it’s fun to play with, and you don’t need to be an image expert to come up with some stunning results.
  3. Quick does one thing exceedingly well and that’s why it made our list of Instagram tools for marketers. It enables you to add text to photos fast, an activity in which all Instagram marketers frequently engage. Quick is aimed at people who don’t need a lot of features, just the ability to perform their tasks quickly. Available for both Android and iOS, Apple fans will appreciate how the app takes advantage of the new iOS 8 Photo editing extensions.
  4. SnapWidget displays photos and videos on your website, using feeds from either Instagram or Twitter. You can filter by username and hashtag, and the app will automatically pull the photos in from your account. The paid version provides additional features including linking to the original photo page, analytics and the ability to add your own CSS. That’s helpful if you need to style the widget to blend in with your website’s theme, making it another effective member of the top Instagram marketing tools list.
  5. The service makes it easier for your followers to purchase your products via Instagram. Send them to the Have2Have.It link in your profile. Clicking on the link brings your followers to a curated page with the same look and feel of your brand’s Instagram feed. Now they can tap images, discover products and most importantly, complete their purchase. Built-in analytics enables marketers to make strategic decisions based on actual market data.
  6. Wishpond is a comprehensive marketing app that enables you to do many things, including running an Instagram Hashtag contest. Contests can be easily embedded on your website using a small piece of code. Employ advanced CSS and Javascript to customize the look of your contest and add your own tracking code. Wishpond offers real-time analytics to monitor the performance of your contest as it happens.

Instagram offers marketers significant potential to reach out and engage with their audience, potentially making some direct sales in the process. As Instagram gains popularity, app creators are rapidly improving their products, facilitating the job of marketers who are using this platform.