When it comes to social media marketing, tracking the performance of your different initiates is important for the success of your brand. With one billion active monthly users on Instagram, the platform serves as a powerhouse to promote your brand. With 80% of Instagram users following business accounts and 46% of users buying products by seeing the advertisements on Instagram, the platform is becoming more popular for business marketing.

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Tracking the importance metrics of Instagram helps in measuring the performance for the enhanced growth of your account.

The Need for Tracking your Instagram Metrics

Managing your business account on Instagram without keeping track of the essential metrics may not give you the desired results. Some of the important reasons why tracking your Instagram metrics has become an essential need includes:

  • Monitoring the metrics helps in finding out what is working in your favor and what is not.
  • It enables you to plan strategies to enhance the performance of your marketing campaign.
  • Understanding the different metrics and using them appropriately will help you in taking your business to new success heights.

The important Instagram metrics for measuring performance

Engagement Rate

Most businesses choose Instagram to promote their brand because it is considered to be one of the social media platforms with a high engagement rate. But surprisingly, about 70% of Instagram posts go unnoticed. This makes tracking your engagement metrics important for the better success of your business. This metric speaks of the engagement rate of your content in relation to your follower count.

It is indicative of the fact that how well your audiences are able to get engaged with your content posted on Instagram. The engagement level of your audience can be reflected in the form of likes, shares, and comments on your Instagram posts.

Engagement Rate = Total Engagements/ Follower Count * 100

The total engagement can be calculated by the total number of likes, comments, saves, clicks over a given period of time. Dividing the total engagement with your total follower count and multiplying it by hundred will give you a percentage to show the engagement level of your Instagram posts.

Benefit: –Focusing on this metric will help in keeping track of your overall performance and getting an idea about the type of content that engages your audience the most. With the use of Instagram analytics tools, you can track engagement better of your business account on Instagram.


Reach is another important Instagram metric that helps in measuring the performance of your business on Instagram. This metric tells you about the number of people viewing your content.

Reach is the number of unique users that saw your Instagram post or story on any given day.

How to calculate Reach

The Instagram analytics dashboard provides reach for your account posts. For a branded hashtag reach is the sum of followers of all users who have posted content using the hashtag

Though it may sound similar to the impression, it is different from it. In order to grow your account, tracking your reach metrics on Instagram is important. The reach rate of your business includes the number of unique users that your posts, video posts, as well as your Instagram stories, are able to get. You can break down your posts and find out which of your posts has the best reach metrics.

If your brand runs hashtag campaign then hashtag reach is also an important factor to measure the success of the campaign. It indicates the number of Instagram users who could have seen your hashtags. It is the sum of followers of all users who have posted content using the hashtag

Socialert Hashtag Instagram analytics helps in automatically calculating your hashtag reach, thereby providing you insights for better performance. The Instagram hashtag metrics can also help in optimizing your Instagram posts and increasing your overall reach.

Benefit: – Reach helps to know how popular your posts are. If you have higher reach on your posts or hashtag it means that users with a good number of following are interacting with your brand.


Even though your posts didn’t receive any likes or comments, if it is able to create an impression on your audience, then your marketing campaign is successful up to a certain limit. The impression is the number of views on your posts even by the same users.

Impression means the number of times your posts were shown to users.

If your impressions are higher than your reach, it’s a sign that your audience is viewing your content multiple times.

How to calculate Impression

You can check reach and impressions in Instagram analytics which Instagram provides by default.