Instagram is a great platform for brands to establish themselves on. Some brands do better than others though. We thought we would take a look at the biggest ten brands on the platform.

Instagram has been responsible for many things, and when it comes to brands, this means amazing campaigns. It also means plenty of followers and influence. We thought we would take a look at the ten most followed brands on the platform.


A brand that needs no introduction whatsoever, Nike has dominated Instagram for a number of years. It also offers a clue to other brands that want to get in on the action.

Nike has been at the forefront of great marketing and advertising for a long time, and when you see it’s Instagram, you can understand why. Nike really understands its audience, and focuses on the experience of running, for example, rather than the products they are trying to sell.

This focus on the emotions and the aspirations of it’s audience ensures that Nike will always have an audience. Rather than show pictures and videos of gorgeous shoes, it speaks directly to the person looking at the post, and what they want their life to be like.

Victoria’s Secret

This fashion brand can seemingly do no wrong on Instagram. It has new followers in the tens of thousands every day, and has managed to get the mix of content exactly right.

One of the biggest areas in which it gains engagement is the behind-the-scenes footage and photos it regularly brings to the platform. These sneak peeks into Victoria’s Secret life often feature the action at fashion shows, which is effectively like having exclusive access backstage. The brand knows this is what the audience wants, and it gives this kind of stuff to them again and again.


This luxury fashion brand follows the same path as Victoria’s Secret, as in that you can see plenty of behind-the-scenes footage from fashion shows. This is an aspirational brand with a timeless feel, so it can easily throw up photos of its products without seeming boring or bland.

Chanel is also big on working with celebrities for endorsements and content. This means that anyone who loves fashion and celebrities would find plenty to see on this Instagram.


Gucci treads the same path, and often works hard to produce high quality imagery that fits into the reputation it has for craftsmanship and sophistication.

It is a luxury brand, and capitalises on that image with content that is purely aspirational and understated.

Louis Vuitton

This is a very visual brand, with iconic bags and other items that are instantly recognisable. Add to this an ability to craft gorgeous imagery and you have a perfect Instagram super-brand.

The key thing to remember about Louis Vuitton on Instagram is that it is selling an image. The lifestyle it is trying to promote is one that many people aspire to. So just like Nike, Louis Vuitton is aiming to develop an audience that wants a life they haven’t quite got yet.


Adidas is, like Nike, focused on the messages behind sports. So you’ll see plenty of content around goal-setting and achievement, as well as general sports advice.

Other than that, Adidas on Instagram is a bright, sophisticated area. There are plenty of nods to Adidas’s past, and it’s champion-building, and a real sense that the brand loves sports.


Another huge fashion brand that is doing great stuff on Instagram, Dior is all about the look. Driven by the seasons in fashion, it continues to release content that grants backstage access to the work of a major fashion house.

Like all fashion accounts, the aim is to be as visual as possible and Dior has got this down to a fine art, with content that is simple, clear and image-based.

MAC Cosmetics

If there was a brand that was perfect for Instagram it would be MAC Cosmetics. This company has a huge range of products that are all primed for Instagram success. Bright, expertly created content is always a feature here, and that isn’t all.

Where MAC beats the competition is through including the content that it’s employees bring into play. This makes the whole process warmer and allows customers to feel like they have connected.


What BMW has done on Instagram is something truly special. Well over 20 million Followers will testify to this. Already a luxury brand, the company focuses on making sure that the excitement that is felt around the vehicles is palpable in the content.

This means plenty of posts about concept cars, as well as content that focuses on the experience drivers have with the vehicles.


With a similar amount of Followers as BMW, this car giant focuses on using Influencers more than most other manufacturers in the market. This has worked out well. Mercedes is still an affordable luxury for people, and this means they can present as aspirational. Hence the use of Influencers that can sell a lifestyle.