How to Supercharge your Instagram Engagement

If you’re a regular Instagrammer and up-to-date marketer, you will have heard of Instagram’s recent algorithm change. Due to the change, it is now even more important to ensure your content is eye-catching and engaging.

By the end of this article, you will have learnt some new tricks and tips to boost your Instagram engagement.

Let’s start off with content!

Engaging Stunning Content

As you may have guessed, most if not all of the best performing brands on Instagram share high quality engaging content – whether this being images or videos.

To make sure you get the best amount of engagement you will want to start off with creating amazing content that your audience would find interesting, helpful and make them want to engage more with you. If you want some top tips on creating stunning content for your Instagram for free without the need of a designer, then I would highly recommend you check out my recent post here.

One of the accounts I manage on Instagram is Creation Agency, here’s an example of what I posted recently.

As you can see this post did pretty well regards to engagement. Whilst this does come down to the image, there are other things that have helped increase the engagement, which leads us to my next point.

#Hashtags. How many? and which ones to use?

If you are posting on Instagram without including hashtags in your captions then expect little to no engagement, unless of course you have an amazing following.

Hashtags are free, they don’t cost a single thing. Take advantage of them! Use them correctly to boost the chance of your content being engaged with, and potentially picking up a few extra followers along the way.

I’ve heard lots of people say 8-12 hashtags per post brings in a handful of engagement, whilst I do agree with this, the more hashtags you use the more chance of your content being engaged with and viewed is increased. I personally go with 15-25 hashtags.

Now you have an idea of how many hashtags you should ideally be using, you need to make sure you are using the most suitable hashtags. Depending on your content you will want to do some quick research into finding what hashtags perform the best.

To do this, I usually load up Instagram and use the search feature, enter in my keyword with a hashtag for example “#SocialMedia” and see what the results show, I keep in mind the amount of “Public Posts” so therefore I know what my content is up against. Sometimes I’ll dive a bit deeper and check out the latest posts to see what the engagement is like.

After typing in the search “#SocialMedia”, Instagram returned with top hashtags such as:





I would then go through these and pick out the most suitable ones and save them to the notes app on my iPhone so I can easily copy and paste them for when I post new content.


User Generated Content is one of the best ways I’ve found that helps increase engagement. People love for their content to be shared and reused, as long as they receive credit and their content is being used in a positive way.

For the Creation Agency Instagram, I usually source high quality images from other Instagrammers such as @ClassyDapper, @rowanrow and many more. I’ll then credit the original photographers in the caption.

UGC is also much more unique and appealing rather than using stock image sites.

Another Instagram account I manage is @TravelBuzz which is full of user generated content and receives a lot of daily engagement.

Engage with others!

Don’t just be one of them Instagrammers where they only post their own content and never engage with their followers or potential audience…

The best way to increase your engagement is to be active and engage with your followers, replying to their comments, liking and commenting on other people’s content.

Majority of the time, when you engage with a user they are likely to look at your profile and if they like what they see, they will engage back and possibly even follow you if they haven’t already.

One of the best ways to engage with users is by liking a few of their pics and then shortly after, around 10 minutes later or so go back and comment and possibly follow them. This shows that you aren’t just liking their content, you are actually engaging with them. Usually by doing this, they will look at your content and most likely engage if it’s interesting to them.

Mastering your Instagram caption!

Making sure your caption is the best it can be and eye-catching is the key to a clear message. Having a crowded caption with no layout may not catch your audiences attention when scrolling through their feed and browsing your content, resulting in less engagement.

Every time I post content on Instagram, I always create my caption on the iPhone notes app and then paste it on Instagram after. In the captions I’ll always try to find some suitable emojis that can be used, as this is known to help increase engagement and makes your message stand out.

Another little trick I usually do is space out my content by placing full stops so it breaks out my message and makes it easier to read and stand out. Here’s an example on my own Instagram.


That’s all for now. I hope you have found this article helpful and learnt a few extra tricks and tips to apply to your Instagram marketing strategy.

If you’ve got any questions then feel free to tweet me @_GarethG and follow my Instagram here.

Have any tips I’ve not included? Comment below!