The beauty of Instagram is you can quickly scroll through a feed of engaging images from various sources to stay current. But with over 70 million photos posted daily, marketers are being forced to focus more heavily on the science of Instagram posting — how to get the best content in front of the right people before that content is no longer relevant.

The truth is Instagram posts “go stale” very quickly. It’s estimated that 75% of social engagement occurs in the first five minutes after the content is posted. So marketers have a very small window of opportunity to capitalize on Instagram window shoppers.

ReadyPulse’s Instagram Scheduler app helps brands streamline and automate their posting process to maximize results. So marketers can spend less time strategizing how to post and spend more time focusing on what to post.

With more than 300 million loyal and active monthly users, averaging more than 20 minutes a day on its app, Instagram has become the prime social media platform for consumer brands. Now brand marketers can schedule Instagram posts to reach their target audience in a more efficient way, by enabling them to schedule and manage their posts—anytime, anywhere—all through the Instagram scheduling app on their phone.

The Instagram Scheduler app lets marketers attach product links and other calls to action to their photos and select dates and times for their content to post. They can schedule as many posts as they want for any time they would like — days, weeks, months or even years in advance. 15 minutes prior to the scheduled post time, the Instagram scheduling app sends an alert directly to the marketer’s mobile phone to notify them the post is ready. This provides time to review and update the post if necessary before it’s posted. Then with a few taps of a finger, the content is shared to Instagram.

Schedule Instagram Posts with Instagram Scheduling AppThis Instagram scheduling tool helps marketing teams develop and optimize a posting strategy, easily make photos shoppable, reach more people to increase engagement and capitalize on peak engagement times. The easy-to-use Instagram Scheduler app provides step-by-step instructions and push notifications to guide users through the process, so they’ll never miss a post. The app also provides a calendar of all scheduled posts showing time, captions and attached call to action links. So marketers have a complete schedule of their Instagram activity right in their pocket.

Use the Instagram Scheduler app to optimize your posting strategy. View your posting history to come to conclusions on the best times to post, what types of images influence the most engagement and which calls to action generate the best results.

If you make your Instagram Shoppable with LikeItWant.It you can quickly access your page through the Instagram Scheduler app. Every time you schedule Instagram posts, your LikeItWant.It is updated in real-time with the same content, only it’s shoppable.

Scheduling your Instagram posts is not only easy it is transforming the way you market on Instagram forever. Streamline your Instagram posting process, increase engagement, and grow your brand. But most importantly, spend less time posting at inconvenient times after work hours.

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