Boost Your Instagram Marketing with These 4 Apps

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Power up Your Instagram Marketing With These 4 Mobile Apps

Instagram is one of the best platforms when it comes to attracting an audience with strong visuals. Your business can enhance your strategy with the right tools and apps. Use these resources to create eye-catching and engaging posts and grow your audience online. Would you like to reach more potential customers on Instagram? Take advantage of these tools and apps, and let me know how these work for you!

1) Better quality images – Camera

Make your photos more attractive and provide your followers with photos they will love to comment on and like. Camera+ includes great features like image focus, digital zoom, lighting effects, various shooting modes, and advanced editing to produce the best quality possible. The app is available for iPhone or iPad.

2) Format photos quickly – InstaSize

Don’t know how your new photo will fit on Instagram? Then you will love this simple and easy to use tool, which will quickly adjust your photos to the correct size with additional editing features. InstaSize, available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone users, helps you create, share, and enhance your posts all from one place.

3) Create eye-catching memes – Word Swag

Create inspiring memes from your photos by adding phrases and quotes. Word Swag allows you to add customizable text to any image from your smart device. This great resource makes it easy to share a favorite quote or saying for your target market without the need to use extra editing software.

4) Showcase a collage of images – Diptic

Include a group of photos to provide a visual story. Diptic allows you to format your images into one customizable template. Create a story, or showcase a series of interesting shots with white or colored borders, and contrast adjustment. There are 179 layouts to choose from, and so you will never run out of fun ideas with this tool. Available for mobile devices and computers.

Hopefully you will find these Instagram marketing apps useful to your brand. Are there any that you would like to add as well?