Learn How To Post Gifs On Instagram with the Boomerang app

Are you looking for a way to bring more variety to your Instagram feed? Then you should definitely continue reading. This week we will be teaching you how to post gifs on Instagram with Instagram’s Boomerang app.

Learn How To Post Gifs On Instagram with the Boomerang app

What is Boomerang?

Last year in late October Instagram launched Boomerang. This fun and exciting app lets you create gifs, called Boomerangs, that you can later post on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, send them to a friend on Messanger, or simply save them for personal use.

It is extremely easy to use. You only tap on a button and Boomerang takes multiple photos, combines them together into a mini Instagram video that plays forward and backward.

Boomerang app welcome screens, Instagram tools for animations

And here is exactly how you create gifs for Instagram with Boomerang:

How to create and post Instagram gifs with Boomerang

Firstly, you will have to download the Boomerang app that is available both for Android and iOS devices in the app stores. Then follow the 3 simple steps below to publish your first Instagram gif.

1. Find something that you would like to capture and tap

After the welcome screens, you will see a camera almost identical to Instagram’s.

How to create gifs for Instagram with Boomerang app, animations

Find something moving that you would like to create a gif from. Tap on the screen if you would like the focus to be on a particular area of what you are capturing.

Click on the big round button at the bottom to start recording. (Tip: Instead of just clicking, press and hold the button if you would like your mini Boomerang video gif to be a bit longer.)

The flash icon at the top will turn on your camera’s flash. And the button on the right bottom helps you change from front to back camera. Changing from front to back camera can easily be done with swiping left or right on your screen.

2. Edit your Instagram gif on Boomerang

Once you captured your short video gif, you have the following editing options:

  • Change its speed with the first icon you see on the left of your screen;
  • The middle button will stabilise the gif;
  • The last icon lets you trim your gif. However, don’t worry about trimming your gif on this step, since you will later have that option when uploading it on Instagram;

Editing your Instagram gif in Boomerang

When you finish editing your gif, you can either save it on your phone or share it.

How to post gifs and animations on Instagram

3. Post and edit on Instagram

Once you are satisfied with your creation and you are ready to post, you can simply press the Instagram button on the screen to open it on Instagram. Or open your Instagram app and pick the file you just created from your Gallery. Just like any other photo or video you usually post.

From here on, you have the usual editing options.

Don’t forget to press the two arrows icon on the left to be sure you are posting it with its original dimensions. You can also apply a filter, trim your video gif and choose its preview image.

Learn how to use Boomerang to create and post fun Instagram Gifs

A fun thing is that you can even add your new gif to a collage with other gifs or videos with Vidstitch or any other video collage app. Sounds cool right?

And there you have it! A fun and exciting piece of content that will help your next post stand out amongst those of competitors.

Hope you liked our how-to guide on posting Instagram gifs with Boomerang. Make sure to also check out our article on the Do’s and Don’ts of Instagram photos for your business page.

Have you tried using Boomerang? Let us hear your thought in the comment section below!