For a lot of small time online businesses, a Social Media platform can be the best stepping stone to go with because it is kind of like a free form of mass media (duh).

While Twitter and Facebook are the most chosen Social Media hubs for businesses, Instagram actually has an edge on its own.


Although currently, it is not one of the top 5 Social Media hubs that are chosen for most business to community interaction, Instagram may be a good starting point for a lot of small and starting businesses because of the following:

1.) A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Instagram is all about photos, it’s timeline only shows that- photos of you and others. And the good thing about this for your business is:

  • A good picture is more memorable and it can strongly build brand recognition in no time.
  • No need for over persuasion, photos can speak for themselves.

Well yes, but we can post photos using other social media platforms right? Duh.

Oh yes you can, but Instagram’s timeline style is the best way to go since unlike Facebook, Twitter and even Google plus, Instagram ONLY EMPHASIZES photos- thus, eliminating all the distraction from wordy posts, links and other forms of media that are posted from other account owners (who are also seeking attention).

Same goes when you click on an Instagram account, basic information and photos are all that’s seen and it proves to be a quicker way of spreading information and branding rather than browsing through a mixed media of Facebook statuses and short tweets.

2.) Follows and Followers are Easily Gained (the Not Annoying Way)

Like Twitter, following and following back people on Instagram is easy since you can just search for people and click the “follow” button. Potential followers also find this easy too, you can gain followers without overly reaching out or interrupting other people’s inbox (Instagram has none though).

3.) Hashtagging

Using the right hashtags (#word) can get you far. Use words that you want to associate your brand with. This helps in fast brand recognition and awareness. It also helps you get placed in the right niche in no time!


Did I also mention that it is free and easy to use? Well, I assume everybody knows that already. To effectively use Instagram for your business, watch out for the next post.